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Wednesday 31 July 2013

This New Look Inforgraphic takes you through all the festival fashions, dating back as far as 1969. Personally, my favourite festival fashion eras have to be those of the late 1960's and late 1990's. The fashion is definitely right up my street and something that i'd want to wear and feel comfortable in, along with making a great fashion statement. I think this Inforgraphic that New Look have created is great, as it allows you to see festival fashion through the eras, and you can see how it has gradually changed through the years. Each and everyones style and induvidual fashion sense is different, so my favourite style may not be the same as yours, although i'm interested in what you're interested in wearing this festival year. What are your do's and don'ts, and what is your favourite fashion era?

Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look
Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look
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