Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo Review

Monday, 20 August 2018

I was kindly sent this complimentary product to test and review from Influenster in one of their recent VoxBox’s, and inside was this Dry Shampoo from Living Proof!

I’m a major lover of dry shampoos for many reasons, it’s an effort washing my hair when I never usually have the energy and I’m in pain, and tbh I never get much of a chance with a little one!

I’ve tried many dry shampoos over the year, and I’ve found that most leave my scalp very irritated and my head often feels caked in product. I feel like product has advertised itself as amazing, and therefore I have got high expectations!

The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo(*) is unlike any dry shampoo I’ve tried in the past.
This product says it cleans hair as well as absorbing and eliminating the oils, sweat and odours. I was sceptical about this at first, but this product genuinely does do that! After using this, my scalp did not feel irritated, my head did not feel caked in product, and my hair genuinely felt fresher and cleaner. I was very pleasantly surprised by this!
The product has a lovely scent to it, which I would say is a cross between fruity and floral and fresh, but it is subtle, and it’s lovely.

This product is £23 for 198ml, or £10 for the smaller size of 92ml. Feel Unique currently have 15% off this product so you can get it for even cheaper!

I definitely plan on buying myself a replacement once the one I was sent runs out, it really is that good! I also recommend you go and grab yourself one, i think you'll be amazed at how different it is to some of the dry shampoo's you may of used in the past!

- I was kindly sent this product to review, but all opinions and photos are my own.


Cheryl Wong said...

I love the packaging of this! How would you compare it to the Batiste dry shampoo? My biggest fear about new hair products especially dry shampoo is leaving a white veil or dandruff looking type since I have terribly sensitive scalps!

Gemmaslittleworld said...

This one sounds amazing! i always use the batiste one then whenever ive tried new ones they have been naf! this sounds great though esp with those offers ill deffo give it a go

Sarah said...

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Lewis said...

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Star said...

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