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Saturday 23 March 2013

iCrayon: Digital Crayon Stylus

I was recently contacted by Lauren over at Arena Media, and asked if i would like to review one of their products. Out of the ones she suggested to me, i decided that i'd like to try the iCrayon out as it's something that i could incorporate into my day to day lifestyle. I have a Samsung S3 Mini and i still was able to use this even though it's designed specifically for iPhone users.


This little chunky stylus is great for the iPhone or Android user and is really easy to use. I personally have quite small hands and sometimes find it a bit hard to use my phone when it comes to doing something on my phone, but this sure solved this, making it a lot easier. So if you've got small hands i would definitely recommend this product.
Also, i found this really easy to use when wearing gloves too, whereas usually i would have to take my gloves off to do something on my touch sensitive phone, this totally solved that issue. No more having to take the gloves off and getting cold hands when replying to texts!!


Personally, i found this product really great and it's something i enjoy using. People are always asking me where i got it from. If you yourself would like your own iCrayon, you can purchase one from Amazon here for between £5-£10. I hope if you purchase this product, you find it as great as i do.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute and hilarious! Need one of these... xo

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