Shoe Love #1

Sunday 8 January 2012

Frequent readers of COURTZMELV will know that whenever i do an outfit post, i very rarely tend to include my shoes. Well, this is something that i think may be abouts to change! Since turning 18 in December, i have discovered a bit of love for shoes, one that i never had before, ever. For ages, i owned a pair of uggs for everyday use, a pair of trainers for gym use, a pair of brogues for smart-wear and a single pair of heels for going out. Well, i can safely say that my ever so small collection is growing, quite rapidly. I recieved two beautiful pairs for my birthday, a nude pair and a black pair. Also, after an argument with my dad he agreed to letting me purchase a couple pairs of heels too, so a nice beige pair of wedges and black heeled ankle boots should be arriving at mmy house from New Look any time soon.
But yeah, since discovering the 'big bad world', i've decided i don't own enough pairs of shoes. Heeled or flat So this is going to be the first of a few posts featuring my favourite shoes that are in main High Street shops at the moment, (hopefully at reasonable prices). From heels, to wedges, to boots, to ballet pumps. Keep your eyes peeled!

shoe love

All these colours are perfect for the S/S12 trend which has come around a lot quicker than anticipated. It's time to update your wardrobe, starting with your shoe-rack!

Colour block is a must this season, and these shoes, although they're using a mixture of bold yet simple colours, minus the coral is very effective. They look classy and would look amazing with a pair of jeans if your trying to achieve a nice smart-casual look.

A casual bright blue wedge, beautiful and bold, making you ready for the summer in spring. These wedges would look great with a bold, brightly coloured shift or skater dress and minimal accessories.

I personally think that EVERY girl needs a pair of these. They're a bit on the pricey side for a pair of simple black wedge ankle boots but they really are a must have, just like the little black dress, think of these as the 'little black wedges'. Suede is great in heels, and these can be worn for many occassions, when buying something such as wedges, think of their versatiltiy. These have a wide range of versatility and can be worn with more or less all outfits.

The typical british 'tea & scones while watching a game of crochet' theme is everywhere this S/S! Tennis skirts and dresses and cricket jumpers are a must-buy! Yellow is a big statement colour, and the snake effect looks as if it's been woven, enhancing the spring-like effect.



Hayley said...

I love the wedge boots, I'd wear them with EVERYTHING!
I tend to wear the same pair of shoes until they wear out haha x

GeorgieWilding said...

My friend got me some black wedges for christmas, they do go with everything x

daisychain said...

I am a huge fan of wedges, they make walking so much easier. The first pair are so on my wish list x

Beauty Follower said...

ove that black & orange wedge!

Charlotte said...

need some more wedges in my life! I have a couple of pairs but I wear them to death.Loving the classic black pair

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