Dubai 2011

Friday 30 December 2011


Just a few photos from my holiday in Dubai over Christmas, was so nice and relaxing, so lovely to get away from England for a week. Totally wasn't long enough, but it did give me time to do some much needed thinking and evaluating. The first two photos are the view from the garden, we stayed at my cousins house on Palm Island, beautiful! Me and my brother in the pool, he pushed me in so i literally just jumped on him. Went went to the top of the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, Tom Cruise jumped out of it in his new film 'Mission Impossible'... CRAZY STUFF! Then there was Christmas day, which is weird when your in the sun in my eyes.. your meant to be snuggled in your pjs not out wearing next to nothing on the terrace in the blinding sunshine haha! My cousin Kaitlin, took me to a party with her and her friends, was really nice, everyone is so wealthy! Free Moet Champagne, White Wine, and any other alcoholic beverage you can think of! They had a Pizza Express at this party too, could literally make whatever pasta or pizza you wanted! We went on a Desert Safari trip too, they're always fun. Crazy driving over sand dunes, then free shisha, free lebonese buffet, free henna tattoos... well i say free, but it was all part of the package. Was great fun! Don't be fooled though, the desert is freezing cold in the evening!
Really bonded with my whole family over this little break, was much needed, don't remember the last time we did things as a family! I've only been back for not even 48 hours and i already want to be back there.. it's beautiful and i would definately advise you to go on holiday there!
Here are a couple of my outfits from the holiday:

Blouse: Charity Shop. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: New Look

Top: Topshop. Shorts: New Look. Bag&Shoes: Boutique

Maxi Dress: Select



Zoe said...

Lovely photos, the outfit with the pink shorts is so so pretty!

LillianZahra said...

Beautiful photos, glad you had a nice holiday - so envious! x

Candize B. said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures!! It looks beautiful there! So glad you had a great time! lovely outfits

daisychain said...

You look bloody gorgeous in all these photos! Welcome back x

Natasha said...

Dubai must have been amazing and that's such a cool way to spend the Christmas holidays, though I can imagine it was strange too. I love your maxi dress, the colour is gorgeous. xxx

GeorgieWilding said...

That looks and sounds amazing x

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

That maxi dress suits you sssoo well :) x

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