Friday 7 October 2011


Blazer: Primark. Jumper+Tights: Topshop. Skirt+Top: H&M.

I love this jumper, it's not just warm, it's cute too right? The diamond cut out print is such a nice touch and i think it adds a bit of feminity to it too. The one problem with this jumper is that due to how oversized it is, it could be worn appropriately with a pair of leggings, but unfortunately that's not on the schools 'allowed uniform list'. So instead, i settled for my trusty black tights and a black tube skirt that sits underneath the jumper and covers enough to keep my dignity. I'm wearing a black long sleeved top under the jumper too because one, it shows flesh if i dont, and two it's too cold to not wear it! I decided on a grey blazer as oposed to the safe bet of a black one to add a splash of colour to this outfit. Okay, i know it's still a dull colour, but it's better than constant black. Considering the sleeves of the jumper were quite long that they could still be seen hanging down even when the blazer was on, i thought it would look nice to fold them over the cuffs of the blazer, to make the ends of the jumper, look like the cuffs. A bit of improvisation never hurt anyone! What do you think?



Krissy ~ style san san said...

awww cute jumper, i love your lip colour!
Krissy xoxo

daisychain said...

I am absolutley loving your style lately miss x

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Still kicking myself that I didn't buy that jumper when I first saw it; it's gorgeous! Can't believe you're not allowed to wear leggings haha, leggings, that jumper, a blazer and silk scarf would be semi-formal enough to me! Hope you're okay sweet, have a lovely weekend! (: xxxx

Gertrude said...

That's one gorgeous blazer! x

A said...

such a gorgeous outfit! love the jumper, looks sooo cosy xxx

Veronica said...

I love this look!! with the sweater and the blazer! perfect!

Anonymous said...

Definitely loving the jumper, something a bit different :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

I LOVE the blazer, i've been looking for grey one but never thought to look in primark x

eliza said...

I love this outfit. That jumper is too cute, it's a little bit quirky, I like it!


GeorgieWilding said...

Jumper is cute, I like the sleeves rolled over the blazer x

little henry lee said...

love the oversized jumper, it'd be perfect for autumn or spring. :)

Cecylia said...

wow I AM SO in love with your white knitted tunic, love your style!
Come follow my blog darling!xx

Aishwarya Khanna said...

Love the look. The white jumper is too cute. :)
I'm following you. :)


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