The Winter Coat

Monday 10 October 2011

Is there such a thing as the perfect Winter Coat/? I find that come this time of year, every year i'm asking myself the exact same question. Personally, i've had the same Winter Coat for like 2 or 3 years now, it's falling to pieces and just looks tacky now, so it's time i spend good money on a new one which will promise to keep me warm. There are so many differet types of coat's around that are in fashion at the moment; faux fur, vibrant colour, collarless, duffle, etc.
Another thing, how much would YOU be willing to spend on a Winter Coat? Bearing in mind it is going meant to keep you warm throughout the Winter i think you'd be silly to buy a cheap coat which isn't going to do what you want. But on a price scale, how much would you be willing to splurge? £25?, £50?, £100? More? Personally, i don't think i would feel comfortable spending more than £70-£80 on a Winter Coat, but that would be the absolute limit, anything cheaper which still does the trick is just a major bonus.

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1. Topshop washable hooded coat £65.00
2. New Look belted snood coat £44.99
3. Topshop faux fur textured coat £89.00
4. Topshop textured peter pan swing coat £75.00
5.  Miss Selfridge rust collarless frill mac £65.00
6. Topshop textured wool duffle coat £70.00
7. Miss Selfirdge stone trim mac
8. H&M coat £39.99

Personally, for me the coat i'm buying to keep me warm throughout Winter has to have two specific things. A hood and pockets.  Sorry, but on a cold day in the rain, when i've just done my hair all nice, i would rather cover it with a hood instead of letting it get all wet, and if my hands are cold and i don't have gloves i would like to be able to snuggle my hands in the pockets of a coat. Surely a lot of you can relate, right? I'm quite drawn to the first coat. What type of winter coats do you like?



Anonymous said...

Hey, you wrote me at IFB and I love your blog. I would prefer the Topshop faux fur textured coat. Following you, wanna follow me back? X

Krissy ~ style san san said...

loving fur coats for this year's winter! but debating as to whether to get it cos of the shitty UK rain!
got some great picks! Love it, especially the Miss Selfridge's mac!
Krissy xoxo

rosedl said...

Love the first one, i really want a camel coat. I say spend more on an investment piece as it'll last for ages and go through different styles and stuff..So I would say like £80 is a good investment for a coat!

Sara said...

I agree with you, winter coats are meant to protect you from cold, so you should spend a decent amount of money on them. I normally wait for winter sales to get them cheaper, but I try not to buy any coat whose original price was less than 90-100 € (which I can get in sales for 60 €). I've already seen a gorgeous mustard-coloured coat from Topshop and I can't wait till winter sales to get it!

Be Indie, Be Trendy


Curiouser and Curiouser said...

I find coats with a high button up neck perfect for winter - stops the cold getting in! My issue is that a lot of these coats in the stores are more for fashion than function - lots are so thin and that's just no good for winter. I ordered one off the Topshop website a few days ago and reading the reviews, everyone seems to be suggesting that it's thin and not very warm... bah! :( x x

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Such gorgeous picks, I adore #5 (: I typically budget myself at £120 for a winter coat, but usually spend around £70 or £80! Winter coats are definitely the sort of thing to invest in, I have a nice little collection of coats that I've taken the time to pick out each year! This year I'm just wearing mine from last year with a few "customisations", even though that makes it sound horrendously tacky haha. xx

Hayley said...

I love the last coat! My current coat was £80 from Animal and is sooo warm but is made out of wool, so when I get wet I smell like wet dog!
This year, I've been looking at getting a 'boring', plain waterproof coat from Berghaus or The North Face seeing as I work in two outdoor shops and I get 30% discount.

Cailin´s Place said...

great coats!!!love all!follow you!hope u can follow me back!kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

I usually go for coat number two types for winter but this winter i'm really into quilted coats!

daisychain said...

everytime I think I've found/bought the perfect coat, I find one I like more.

Unknown said...

I love those coats, great selection :)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

Ashley said...

I love the burnt orange Miss Selfridge coat ! It's a good color and goes with a lot ! x

trishie said...

I haven't quite found my perfect coat yet. but it would have to be in a neutral colour, warm, and comfy. Your selections are beautiful!

Caroline said...

1 and 7 are my favourites, I really need a new coat, so hard trying to decide what sort I want! x

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