Thursday 6 October 2011


Blazer: Primark. Jumper: Next. Skirt: H&M. Tights: Topshop

Two colours i wasn't entirely sure about wearing together, but i'm glad i did. It works! This Olive striped jumper which i recently purchased looks suprisingly good with this deep orange coloured skirt. Spose' there really is no harm with stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while. Although it probably helps that both items are woolen actually. To be honest, the only reason i bought this jumper was because Sam was adamant that i tried it on, and i'm definately glad i did because i would of never picked up an item to try on in the colour otherwise. I've tucked the jumper into the skirt, because the skirt is a tad too big round the waist so tucking it in was the best option, and it definately looks better tucked instead of hanging loose. This is because its woolen so it's not the stretchiest of materials. I've worn a blazer aswell because i always worry that i look rather large to the side, thats just my own little insecurity to be honest, and i just feel more comfortable, and to be honest, i actually think it looks a lot better with the blazer. It brings the whole outfit together. This outfit is real wintery and warm which was a necessity for todays UK weather, it was absolutely freezing!

Rather annoying that i got all dressed and everything this morning and was actually quite happy with todays outfit and then ended up not going to school. Oh my, i sound like such a bum don't i? I'm not, honest! I had to pass my bloodtest results through to another doctor who had to discuss them with some other doctors, and said they'd ring me back, and then me being me started panicing and yeah i couldn't face school, and then guess what, yeah.. they didn't ring back. Grr. I'm pretty pathetic really, actually hopeless. Instead i just decided to put myself under more pressure and stress with work that has to be done that i've missed by not going in, sigh.
Had a little break down with Sam earlier, cried for absolutely ages. Good job i've got him, he really is my rock at the moment. So tonight, we're having a cute night, going for a coffee, then back to mine to just chill and cuddle with a movie and a few drinks. :)



LillianZahra said...

Love the skirt, it looks great with the olive jumper. Hope you have a nice evening - sounds perfect after a stressful day. x

erica marie said...

I hate it when doctors don't get back to you after they get you all rustled up and stressed out. I hope you start to feel better and that your evening out helps you relax. By the way I love the olive and orange mixed together.

xo erica

Unknown said...

It such a nice and unusual combination red and olive, I've never tried this but seen the result on you, it's great!
love the jacket :)

I hate when doctors don't ring back, but I think that if it was something you should worry about, they would have called you immediately!

his little lady said...

you are gorgeous girl. i just adore your style. so glad you found my blog because i just love yours! can't wait to read more!
xo TJ

Caroline said...

Gorgeous outfit Courtney! The colours work really well together, love that jumper! I need a new blazer, will have a look in Primark for one! x

Rachel said...

love this, the next jumper is such a great colour and the whole outfit looks so good together. Glad to have found your great blog via Next blogging network! now following with gfc :)

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