Wednesday 5 October 2011


Dress + Tights: Topshop. Jumper: Tesco

I've never been too good with the whole 'layering' but thought i'd give it ago because i'm beginning to go a bit crazy panicking about what to wear to school and whether or not i'll be warm enough. This polka dot dress was one of my most favourite purchases at the end of Spring, it's one of those items which you can really incorporate into every season. The fact that the bottom half of the dress is floaty and not tight is a god send to. I'm really fed up of tight items of clothing at the moment! Considering this dress is short-sleeved, it would of been totally insane for me to have worn it with just a blazer, i thought it was really cold first thing this morning. So i had a little rumage through my wardrobe, and thought that this off-white cable knit jumper would go well. I don't think this look turned out too badly, give me a scarf, and a wooly hat and i think this would be the perfect Winter outfit! Obviously the photo where i'm really close to the camera is just for jokes sakes, it really amused me so i thought why not upload it with the others. I think i resemble a mouse haha!
(sigh, lookbook isn't working)

OH heres one of my 8 cats, Ruby, she was miaowing away at me while these photos were being taken, and i assumed she just wanted to be one. She doesn't look too impressed though does she, bless her!



OUCH. I had my bloodtest today, which i did not faint at! (woo) Could be because they lay me down, made me have a sugary sweet before, and kept me lying down for 5 to 10 minutes afterwards but it was so much better than me getting up quickly and head planting the floor! Blood results usually take a while to come through, but as i was writing this post my Doctor rung me to tell me that they've found a couple of abnormalities that need to be monitored as they are concerned. I don't really want to go into it, but yeah i'm not the happiest of bunnies after recieveing that news. On top of everything, i really didn't need to be told theres something wrong with my blood. Oh how i love my life at the moment!



Emily said...

Lovely layering! I really want a jumper like that, they are so lovely :) xx

Krissy ~ style san san said...

aww i love this outfit!
wish i got that dress, it's super adorable! shame its not stocked anymore ):
loving the layered knitwear! looks super cosy!
Krissy xoxo

Anonymous said...

That jumper looks ever so cosy! Tesco have some good buys if you're lucky enough to grab them in time - I'm in the percentage of the unlucky ones! Also a great shade for that dress, I remember it being in Topshop but my size was out of stock.

Yes for not fainting! I hate needles, I always feel sick afterwards.

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Ahhhh blood tests... I went for one yesterday :( I'm fine with them, just can't watch during! Ew! Quite annoyed I had to had another one... because I only had one recently and it had come back clear! Stupid doctors! Sorry to hear that they found abnormalities with yours x x

Anonymous said...

how much was the jumper? i need one like that! OMG eight cats?! maybe a blogspot of pictures of your cats? that would be quite cool :') xx

Mimi said...

i take quite some time planning my outfit for school when it's cold too! i just want to make sure i won't get cold and that i won't be too bundled up either in case the sun decides to go on full blast... which is what happens over here. ;)

<3, Mimi
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Caroline said...

The jumper looks great layered over the polka dot dress! x

erica marie said...

Ruby is so cute, I have 3 black cats of my own :) Love your sweater over the polka cute :)

xo erica

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