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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Currently on Holiday in Zante - Back on the 14/08/11


Do you ever feel that your life just isn't going anywhere? That's how i've been feeling over the last few months, totally like my life has just come to a standstill since dropping out of sixth form in January. At the time, for my health it was probably the best thing for me as i wouldn't of coped, but it did not make up for how bored i had been. I've been thinking a lot recently about how i really need to get my life back on track, start being a lot more positive and believing in myself. I really need to have some things i aspire to achieve too! So i have a few plans for September which i hope i can put in to action and keep to.

1. Return back to Sixth Form to study Psychology and Double Health & Social
2. Start to believe in myself more.
3. To put my health first.
4. To go back to playing football.
5. Get a job.

The phrase 'trying to run before one can walk' springs to mind here when i look at this list, but ohwell, i like a good ole' challenge. Bearing in mind when i get back from Zante all of this may change, i may decide i want to be a plumber or something! But i suppose we'll see what happens. Health first, then school, then a job.. then the luxuries can follow. Thats the order of how things need to be looked at from now on.


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Please may I? said...

Enjoy your holiday hun.

Life has funny way at getting itself back on track and I am sure it will for you soon. Health must take priority, as when you feel well you can cope with anything that is thrown at you!

X x

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