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Friday 12 August 2011

Currently on Holiday in Zante - Back on the 14/08/11

topshop silk maxi skirt by boutique 100.00
Does anyone care to lend me £100.00 so i can buy this beautiful maxi skirt? This skirt is from Topshop By Boutique and i think it needs a place in my wardrobe, infact i know it needs a place! Okay, so this is totally out of my price-range, and i wouldn't blow all my monies on this skirt but a girl can dream right?! The red (as stated on the website) looks more of a deep coral colour to me, but thats by the by. The colour is really flattering for a skirt of this length and it's made of 100% silk.

Could wear this skirt with a simple little vest, a slogan tee, or a jumper. Perfect for every season i'm thinking. Depending on what you decide to wear on the top half with a maxi skirt determines what kind of vibe your giving off in my opinion. For example, a little vest would make me think of summer and that they're pretty hippie & laidback. A slogan tee would make me think that they're a little bit daring and out there A jumper would make think of pure innocence, because you'd look sweet. Each look is more than easy to pull off, and it's quite interesting to know that you can get so much from a piece of clothing. Although i do think £100.00 is too expencive for this skirt, it would be money well spent on something that you  could wear throughout the year.



♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Oh i love that skirt, so pretty <3.

Sadie xx

Natasha said...

I really like the colour of this skirt and the design is really nice too, perfect for the summer weather, but £100 is way out of my price range unfortunately :( xxx

kayla marie said...

so cute!!

xo-Kayla Marie

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