Vintage Items #2

Monday 8 August 2011

Currently on Holiday in Zante - Back on the 14/08/11


Last week myself and my family spent some of the day clearing out some of things at my Grandma's house, not a pleasant job, but a job that has to be done none the less. As you'll know from last week's post,I had the difficult job of going through her clothes, some of the pieces she owned truly were magnificant, but they all smelt of her which brought tears to my eye. But anyways, i got to decide what i wanted to keep.

Here is my second post featuring some more of the items that i decided to keep for myself, the second post  All these items are also Vintage.
Blouse: I love this blouse, it looks very blue in the photo but i'd say it's more of an indigo colour. The whole torso area is in cord whereas the sleevees are not. The cuffs and collar are a tad ruffle like which makes me think that this blouse is very Victorian. I haven't done the buttons up by the collar area as it will make me appear neckless and that look just isn't flattering on me.

Blouse: This blouse is made purely from silk, so it was a must keep. The colours are so vibrant and the pattern is so eyecatching and electric, a littlle bit aztec don't you think?  Not going to lie, it will be a challenge to wear this as it's not something i'm used to due to it's vibrance but i'm sure i can try and wear it with a pair of jeans or something.

Jacket: Such a cute little jacket! There lace detail runs from one shoulder, along the back at the top, to the other shoulder. The colour is an extremely pale blue, screams out innocence to me. There is no buttons on this jacket/shirt/cardigan.. i'm actually uncertain of what you'd call this piece, haha. So yes, it's open, but it sits really nicely.

Blazer: I don't even care that this blazer is noticably too big for me, i fell in love at first sight. The colour is so bright and it'll be perfect for adding a bit of oomph to my 'smart wear' when i return back to school. I think this blazer is made from tweed just by the texture of it, but i could be totally wrong, there are no labels on it.. I like the fact it's quite long too as it sits just covering my bottom.

I understand that these photos aren't giving you a clear look at what these pieces look like, but i thought i'd show you what the front and the back of these pieces look like. Obviously you'll get a better view of these when i'm wearing them and feature them in an outfit post, which i'm most certainly going to do soon!



mari said...

that first electric blue blouse is way too wonderful. what a rad find!

xx //

Natasha said...

I love the blouse, the colour is amazing and the Aztec print on the second piece is lovely. I love those kinds of prints on clothes. xxx

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