I'm Backkkkk!

Thursday 21 July 2011

Seems like i've been gone for ages right? Tell me about it! I haven't blogged in what seems like forever, i've been such a bad blogger recently, major apologies! I have some great posts lined up for you all, so keep checking back! Right.. so how am i? Well i'm alright i suppose..same old, same old. It was so nice to get away, was muchly needed, it really did me the world of good, returning with a nice tan too, that's always a plus! Back to reality sucks though, was lovely to come back and have a big cuddle with my mum, but back to the English weather, and my boring life, well yeah, it's just so dull compared to being in Faliraki. My holiday with Sam was lovely, relaxing during the day, and only being about 1km away from the manic nightlife of Faliraki meant we had the option of enjoying it too, which we took full advantage of! We were in an all inclusive hotel, so free cocktails, drinks and food. YUM. Only another 2 weeks till i'm off on holiday again, this time to Zante for 10 days with the girls, eeek! The temperature in Faliraki was between 33-37 degrees celcius and they reckon in the next couple weeks, greek islands, such as Zante are going to reach temperatures as high as low 40's.. CRAZY!

1) Just arrived in Rhodes. 2) 2 Blue Lagoon cocktails with shots. 3) Second night. 4) The view from our balcony. 5) Being Childish. 6) Before a night out. 7) At the top of a Ferris Wheel!! 8) Playing pool.

The holiday was so good for me and Sam! It gave us time to bond again and get to know eachother a lot better. We were totally independent, and it was just lovely to be away from everything back in England and to spend some pure quality time together. Despite odd little arguments about nothingness, we actually coped very well in solely eachothers company for a week! No idea how Sam managed to cope with me for that long, he deserves a medal haha!

I'll do a couple posts on outfits that i wore when away too. Also.. i have a huge wardrobe, as in.. huge and filled with over 50% of items that are unworn.. Would you be interested in me perhaps setting up a blog shop? Let me know what you think!

Anyways, long time away, but i'm back with a bang! Will catch up on blogs asap (promise!) Hope everyones gooooooooooood!



Emily said...

Glad to have you back Courts- and glad to see you had a good time! Really nice pictures, you both look lovely xxx

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Those cocktails look so good! Glad you had a lovely time away, good to see you back around in the blogosphere too (:

Hayley said...

I was wondering where you were, didn't realise you were on holiday! Jealous!
You look so happy, you've got such a nice tan :)xx

daisychain said...

Welcome back lovely x

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Ah I missed your lovely posts :P xx

Unknown said...

awh so sweet girl! looks like an awesome time :) you look gorgeous!


Gertrude said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday! Looks like such a fun time :) xo

Stephanie said...

Those drinks look yummy!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Lovely photos, looks like you had a fabby time :) xx

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