Monday 25 July 2011


Cardigan: New Look Top: Topshop Skirt: Vintage

Oh yes, i have a bit of colour to me, a natural tan, defiately beats my usual pastey whiteness! Also, the sun in Faliraki managed to lighten my hair and it's now at the colour i oringally wanted it to be when i got it dyed. It's more of a honey brown now, the blonde highlights are now more promanent and has blended with the brown, and tada, my hair now looks better, yeah better is probably the correct word.

I decided to step outside my comfort zone today with this skirt, not only is it a maxi skirt, but it is also white. I don't remember the last time i wore white on the lower half of my body due to the fact that it does make you appear larger. Unfortunately i'm "blessed" with wide hips and large thighs, and the only downside with this skirt is that i do think that it highlights them. Besides that, i really do like this vintage skirt that previously belonged to my mum and that she wore when she was around my age. You can see it definately has that hippy vibe about it right? I decided to wear this skirt with a black vest top tucked into it, the colours together go well together, but i thought it needed a bit of a colour oomph, so i decided to add this cropped tangerine coloured cardigan. I'm wearing a chunky silver cross necklace which i think kind of enforces the hippy vibe i was going for. If only i had ridiculously long hair and a headband in my hair.. i'd definately of pulled off the look then!

It's one of my good friends birthdays today,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY! She's 17 today! Hope she has a really good day! <3



char said...

i love this outfit, it looks nice and cool for summer, and i really don't think that the white skirt makes you look big at all!

LillianZahra said...

The skirt is gorgeous, so summery. x

daisychain said...

That long skirt is beyond gorgeous x

Lauren said...

I love your hair :) you really suit it both colours but I think the brown really enhances your eyes. Lovely skirt and you don't look big in the slightest! x

Gertrude said...

That skirt looks gorgeous on you! Happy birthday to Abby :) xo

oomph. said...

this is a fabulous skirt! i have yet to find my perfect white skirt! i love the peachy sweater that you added....and i'm just happy that you used the word "oomph"...haha.


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