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Wednesday 27 July 2011


Vest: Topshop Shirt: Vintage Jeans: Tesco
Heres yesterdays outfit, i didn't have time to blog yesterday, not that i actually did anything interesting with my life, my M.E was just quite bad all of a sudden and i spent the majority of the day either asleep or resting. I'm using a different setting for my photos here too, my finally finiished pond area  in my backgarden. Thought i'd give you a little look into what it looks like. Full of little fishies, plenty of colourful flowers, pebbles and a small flowing waterfall, which gives it such a cute touch. Oh, and the fountain ofcourse. So cute! My mum and dad are so proud of this, this project of theres had been ongoing for ages, such a relief to finally get it finished!

So, in this outfit i'm wearing quite a simple outfit here, ultimately it's just a pair of jeans teamed with a vest top and a shirt. These off-black jeans are from Tesco, as i managed to lose my much loved Asos pair, don't ask me how, all i know is that they've disappeared. I'm wearing a burgandy vest which is plain and around £6, always good to have cheap little vests in your wardrobe! This shirt i'm wearing is Vintage and is rather large, but i think it looks quite nice floaty. Instead of buttoning it up and letting it hang loosely i've tucked the bottom into my jeans still allowing it that floaty effect. I think it looks quite nice and i'm going to try wearing a lot more shirts or blouses like this. What do you think?

My boyfriend goes to Zante tomorrow, i cannot express my jealousy. I'm going a week later and i cannot
wait, just want to get there and kind of forget everything suckish and go wild! I have about a week to lose the holiday weight i gained while away with him, i really need to stay motivated on the exercise front!! I need to stick to salads and fruit and stop indulging on unhealthy crap!



Elegantesque said...

Nice look !!


btw, wanna follow each other ?

Krissy ~ style san san said...

love the shirt!

Lidiya said...

These photos are gorgeous, I'm in love with your shirt :)

Please may I? said...

Beautiful shirt hun.

hope you are feeling a little better now.

X x

ronan said...

love the plum and white, goes great together! :)Xxx

simply h² said...

Great outfit and post!

Viv said...

love how you have the open blouse tucked into your pants, looks great on you!


I love all these flowy vintage shirts, it seems to be all I wear!x

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