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Thursday 30 June 2011


dress + tights: Topshop
belt: New Look

Notice anything different about me? Well, i knew i needed a change, something to make me feel different, so.. HELLO NEW HAIR. Yes, i've changed my blonde locks after about a year and am now a brunette for the first time in what seems like forever. It's a little darker than i wanted it and i'm still not certain as to whether i like it that much, but after a few washes and the sun getting to it on holiday i think it'll be the perfect colour! It feels weird, i looked in the mirror when i got up this morning and was like 'WOAH', let's just say it's going to take some getting used to. I've dyed my hair a couple days before the 1st of July so that when it hits the 1st i can kind of start a fresh and have a REAL good month! Positive thinking ay.. its a new me already haha!

So, on to my outfit... i love this little dress, i prefer it with the top button undone, i've never really been a fan of wearing your top button done up, i just don't think it suits me. I've belted the dress round the waist quite loosely, and it seperates the top and bottom half of the dress which i think works, as the top is buttoned with a scalloped collar and the skirt is flippy. I probably should of worn a little cardigan with this little outfit, it was a bit nippy outside yesterday!

Also, i really need to buy some bikini's before i go to Plymouth in 5 days time, just incase the weather decides to be nice, and i won't have time to buy any before i go to Faliraki a couple days after i get back from Plymouth.. so can anyone recommend me some good places? And what colour do you think would go well with my new dark hair? Would be much appreciated!!



rosedl said...

Oh wow brunette suits you so much!! it's so lovely.
and i love the dress, they never suit me i remember trying them n and ugh they looked awful on me but they look so nice on you :)


Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I think your hair looks lovely, not too dark at all! Oh I'm so with you about starting fresh, June has been absolutely awful for me. Such a sweet dress, I tried that one on my the colour looked awful on me ): H&M and Miss Selfridge have some lovely swimwear in at the moment by the way, defz worth a look around. xx

Hayley said...

Your hair looks lovely, I don't think it looks too dark at all. It is the perfect colour on you! Really love the dress too, it goes great with your new hair!

Caz said...

Your hair looks lovely and the colour suits you so well!
I also love your dress :)
H&M have some lovely bikinis at the minute and I think a few are already in the sale too

Please may I? said...

Your hair look stunning, it really suits you.

Cute dress too.

X x

Jenna Suth said...

That colour really suits you and it'll need a lot less upkeep than your blonde hair would have xo

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

You really suit that colour, i think its lovely one you! x

Lauren Ellingham said...

You're hair looks SO much better now courtney! Good decision with the brown x

Erin said...

the new hair colour really suits you, looks lovely! x

Anonymous said...

Your new hair really suits you :) You look lovely!

And you took my advice and took pictures beside your blue shed!! Love how cute it is! :)

Daisy Lowe has designed a range for Peacocks. Maybe you could find something to suit you there? They really are gorgeous. Here's a link:

Natalie x

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

It looks SO good on you! :)

Love, Vanilla

Anonymous said...

woah your hair is STUNNING!

Ellie..♥ said...

Love it your hair looks amazing!
i gave you an award :)
check it out ??

ellie oxoxoxoxo

Jadore-Fashion said...

Love the hair and outfit--so cute!


Unknown said...

Very cute dress !

Natasha said...

You look really pretty, the colour suits you perfectly. I hope you have a brilliant holiday and I love the outfit too, that colour matches your hair really nicely. xxx

kayla marie said...

love the dress, nice post!

xo-Kayla Marie

Francesca said...

i haven't visited your blog in a while... it's looking great :) xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Morgan Jordan said...

Hey hey! Thanks for the comment. Ohh my gosh, you look fantastic! Seriously, your hair and the dress and everything is so perfect on you. so flattering!


палаорп said...

this one is stunning! honestly, i like it so much that have no words=)

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