Leopard Love

Wednesday 15 June 2011


Top: River Island Shorts: New Look Tights: Topshop

I remember buying this leopard print top around the beginning of November, it was something i bought as a treat to myself after just having my operation, but i only wore it once or twice. I never really thought i could pull off the leopard print look, i'm still uncertain, what do you think? I like the style of this top though and how it sits on the shoulders. I love these pink shorts though, perfect for summer i'm thinking as well as holidays. Tanned legs against this pink, well... i can see it looking pretty snazzy. Suprisingly i think the leopard print works with the pink, weird combination, definately not something i would usually think to pair together, but yes, i think it works.

I really need to book my Plymouth tickets, i seem to be leaving everything to the last minute and i'm pretty certain the longer i leave it, the more expencive it's going to be. GRR typical. I lead such a boring life, i actually have nothing productive to say,, umm..




Grace Driver said...

leopard print top is gorgeous! xx

Sassy said...
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Sassy said...

Nice post! So beautiful pictures...
If you like my blog, you follow me.
I'll follow you too :)

Alla moda e con stile

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Love your top! leopard print looks so great with the colour of your shorts :)

Love, Vanilla

Erin said...

i love those shorts! i wouldn't have thought to put them with leopard print but it looks really good x

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I love leopard with pink tones, looks lovely and muted, and not too in-your-face (: I've become a last minute gal as of late too and I'm hating it! Feel so unprepared for everything and like I have no time to myself? xx

Camilla said...

cute shorts, i love the colour

x Camilla

thegirlhassparke said...

You can definitely pull off the leopard print! I dont own any leopard print but I think I might change that.

Alex (Boy) said...

nice pics;);)

i'm following you...

i hope u do too;););) --->


Frank Vinyl said...

love your shorts and the color of cute for this time of year!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love the leopard print you wild thing!

Carolina Krews said...

Love the ring!



Michelle Loreto said...

That leopard pattern looks great with that colour on your shorts! Great outfit.

x Michelle |

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Great outfit! I love that top!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home


WOWWWWZAAA SO FIERCE. I love the print! I feel like you should be growling in one of these photos or something haha. Adooore.

oomph. said...

i'm a huge fan of leopard..and i think it looks fabulous with any color! nice!

Unknown said...

love the combination of the leopard print with the pink shorts!

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