Saturday 18 June 2011


First Photo
My Outfit: Dress: Miss Selfridge
 Chloe's Outfit: Top: Vintage. Skirt: Topshop.

My friend had a party for her 17th yesterday, and i can most definately say that it was one of the best parties i've been too in a good long while, so thankyou much Anna! I got to see so many people that i went to school with and haven't seen in ages, i love good catchups with old friends, reminiscing over the past and laughing at old memories. I think i've always got on better with guys more than girls, no idea why, it's just always been the way. All my guy friends just treat me as one of the lads nowadays, it's fine because i'm used to it though! Just thought i'd get that point across as to why majority of these photos i'm with guys :) See that guy in the red shirt, (yes, i'm aware his shirt is the same length as my dress haha!) Well, that's Niall and he's my bestfriend in the whole wide world, i don't think theres a single thing he doesn't know about my life, bless him.. i'm always moaning about something to him, and he's always there to offer the best advice and help however he can. Such a legend! I kept getting up on this stage to dance, unaware that getting down by myself would most likely end up with me on the floor crippled once again, so everytime i'd shout for someone to get him and he'd rush over, pick me up off the stage and put me on the floor safely. SO nice right!?


Here's probably the best photo where you can get a good view of the dress that i'm wearing. It's from Miss Selfridge and from the petites range, this is because i wanted the length to be short, and due to the material that the dress is made from, it sat nicely. The bodycon fitting of the dress was nice, it would of been a bit better if the material wasn't as stretchy, prefrably a little bit tighter would of been good because, as you can see the fitting is quite loose around the sides. Only plus side of the loose fitting sides is that you can't see my major love handles! You can't see the shoulder detailing properly in this photo but on the other photos above you get a clearer shot of it. I like the ruched shoulder detail that this dress has though, it gives the dress such a classy effect, which is probably why i ended up buying it, and the red is so eye-catching and vibrant but without being too over the top. I've never braved one shoulder dresses before, so this was a first for me, and i can definately say that i will be purchasing another. I'm really pleased with this buy and the price for this dress was actually quite reasonable, £36.00! 

LAST THING! Can i ask you all, my lovely readers to do me a HUGE favour, it will only take a couple of seconds, doesn't cost you a thing and i will appreciate it so much. Could you all please vote for my friend Roy in the Next Model Competition? Here's the link, all you have to do is click it, press 'vote for this entry', put in your email address and done! Would also really apreciate if any of you that use twitter could tweet something along the lines of 'Please vote Roy to make his dreams come true! #voteroy'  < We're trying to get #voteroy trending too. Roy is a friend of mine and totally aware that this is going on and is loving it, we've even had celebrities like JME and football Jack Wilshire tweet about him, so please. Thankyou!



Lauren Ellingham said...

Nicky looks happy! Haha x

Ella said...
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Ella said...

gorgeous gorgeous dress! the detail is gorgeous. glad you had a good time xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

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