Monday 20 June 2011


Top, Shorts, Tights: Topshop


I haven't worn this top in forever, it was my favourite item of clothing for ages, i think it's about 2 years old, maybe even more. Crazy! Still totally intact and everything, just a little big. The top is oversized anyways, but due to the fact that it is that little bit too big now, i've decided to drape it down one shoulder and make it look like it's meant to be worn like that. I think it kinda works, what do you guys think? These shorts were a purchase from Ebay actually, i ended up getting them for £2, and i've only just realised that theres a single button missing, looks like i'm going to have to sew another one on. They are very shorts, so i think they'll be perfect to take on my holidays this Summer! The grey & white vertical stripes give these shorts such a nautical look, and scream sailor at me! I have no jewellery on, just because i couldn't be bothered with any today, no idea why, but yeah. OOOOH, and i'm in my back garden, different scenery and all, pretty flowers!!

How weird is it that i actually have plans this week, that never happens, but yes i already have already made plans which is totally out of the ordinary for me. I spent the day today with my boyfriend, and a couple of friends, James &  Abby. And tonight i'm off to a friends house whos having a little gathering, where plenty of alcohol will be consumed yes! I'm going holiday shopping with my friend Beckie on Wednesday and we're going to make a total day of it which will be good. Then i have therapy Thursday, joy. Okay, so i'm not doing as much as i thought, but whatever haha! OH yes, I've finally booked my Plymouth ticket, 15 days to go!



Krissy ~ style san san said...

i adore your shorts!
ahh sounds like your going to have a fun-filled week! ^^
Krissy xoxo

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Hope you have a great week :) I love your shorts! :)

Love, Vanilla

Ellie..♥ said...

i LOVE your shorts!

ellie oxoxoxox

Erin said...

the shorts look great, what a bargain! x

Laurel said...

I like your blue wendy house :)
and your top! xxx

Anonymous said...

Those shorts are beautiful and I think the top really works, sometimes I get baggier tops for the slouchy effect! more comfortable i reckon. Enjoy your week ahead, i have a few plans so it makes a nice change!

Anonymous said...

Your little blue garden shed is so cute! You should take pictures of your outfits beside it hehe :)

Natalie x

pepa said...

Amazing look dear. love it!

Kisses from pepa:X

daisychain said...

I love your tee! x

KARSATTI said...

i love your shorts!

natalie said...

i love that top, you rock it well :)


Chelsea Finn said...

I thought that top was supposed to be draped like that! I think it works out perfectly. :) Also, those shorts are great! Love the stripes. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

yiqin; said...

nice shorts :)_

Unknown said...

awh yay! English backyards look just like American ones! hehe ;) you look gorgeous girl! love those shorts!


Jadore-Fashion said...

Cute short!



PinkBow said...

the shorts are the perfect style! and is it wrong of my to notice your adorable pastel blue shed - i love it!!

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