Summer Outfit #1

Monday 30 May 2011

outfit 1

tee: Topshop. £18.00
headband, Topshop. £15.00
ring, Miss Selfridge. £12.50
shorts, Urban Outfitters. £30.00
sandals, River Island. £39.99

So i have no camera which is really depressing, so i thought for a while i'd try this new feature on my blog, showing different outfits, we'll see how this goes for a while, but i need something to blog about, and as i don't have the monies to purchase all these pretty items, i'm creating outfits instead. So behold, a summer outfit, perfect for a summer day shopping in town, or chilling by the beach. This is definately an outfit i'd like. This cross tee would look nice tucked in nicely to the shorts loosely, so that it drapes over the front of the shorts showing the cross logo. The headband would give such a 'hippy' look to this outfit, so ethreal and summery. The sandals add a bit of needed colour and fun to this outfit. I think fun sandals like these can be so cute, a nice change oposed to plain coloured ones. Jewellery wise i've settled for a chunky sand stone ring, due to the colour and effect of the sandles i thought any other jewellery would just look tacky.

Anyways, tonight i'm off to the cinema with Sam to see the Hangover 2, it's meant to be really good and funny, i could do with a good laugh, so should be just what i need. Then tonight my friend Abby is staying over aswell as Sam. So we're going to get a few drinks, watch a movie or two and eat some form of takeaway.. loverly.. but hopefully it'll cheer her up, hate seeing good friends upset! Also, thankyou to everyone who suggested names for the new addition to my family, being the little kitten we got my dad for his birthday... i can reveal that he has infact been called JACK! He's such a holy terror, but it suits him perfectly!


Erin said...

i love the hairband and the ring especially! hope you enjoy your evening and the film x

Hayley said...

Aww, Jack was my suggestion. Really suits him!
Hope the film is good, I haven't seen the first one yet! Hope you have a good night, sounds like you will.
I really like those sandals and the ring :) x

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Have fun at the cinema! I haven't seen it but have heard that it is good :)

Love, vanilla

K said...

I am in love with that top! xx

JazmineKariss said...

I really really love the cross T and sandals!

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