Steady as she goes

Tuesday 17 May 2011


shorts: H&M
snood + tights: Tesco
sunglasses: Mum's

A top that was right at the back of my wardrobe, had totally forgotten about this! I bought it last year in the sale and ended up getting it for £10. It sits a bit low for my liking and buttons down a little bit, i'm not really one who likes to show skin, i prefer to cover up, so i've worn this cobweb snood over it. I was freezing today, so the snood fitted in perfectly, my hands acrtually got a small blue tinge to them at one point!! I decided that despite the cold weather, this outfit would probably look quite good with sunglasses, and my eyes are so sensitive to bright light recently, so as crazy as i probably looked wearing sunglasses, i don't care, they worked haha. Jewellery wise i'm only wearing rings, and my nail varnish is Barry M.

I just don't know what to say about anything at the moment, but oh my, i must say i'm so so so happy! My physio has said that i can join the gym which means Operation Summer Body is a go! Woooo! Aslong as i don't overdo it, and literally try to run before i can walk all will be good. Cannot express my excitement about that, i love exercise so much, it's just a way for me to destress myself, i suppose everyones different in that aspect. But for me, destressing comes hand in hand with exercise, so not being able to do any for nearlly 7 months, yeah you can see why i've been going off on crazy moaning posts! I've actually had a good day, and i'm in a good mood, (i say this so rarely so it had to be blogged about) I'm going to my football coaches house in a bit for a meeting about next season too, so will be nice to see all the girls!



Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Glad you are having a good day! loving the outfit :) the shirts are SO cute :)

Love, Vanilla

Erin said...

i love the snood, and that's great news about the gym! x

K said...

Glad you're having a good day :) I love that snood! xx

Hayley said...

I love those shorts so much!
Glad you've had a good day :) xx

Viv said...

i adore the layering in this outfit and that scarf is gorgeous :)

char said...

Great news about the gym, and i love both those rings!

Unknown said...

Framed by the hedge! I ♥ it. You are wearing such fresh shades. Suits ou fabulously.

Anonymous said...

Love this look :) x

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