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Monday 16 May 2011


blouse + shorts + tights: Topshop

I haven't worn this blouse since Christmas day! To think that was nearly 5 months ago is crazy! I don't know if it's since it's been washed or what but i'm really not as big a fan of this blouse as i was before, the shape just doesn't sit as nicely when it's not tucked in, and i've found that it's too baggy when tucked into these shorts. But ohwell, i like this outfit, very me. I like the simple colours, but the peterpan collar and the polka dots give the outfit that edgyness that is needed. I never wear my hair like this, but thought i'd try something new, wearing it in a side ponytail, would look a lot better when my hair is the length that i want, which is past my breasts. But spose' this will have to do for now :)

I cancelled my blood test today, really wasn't feeling up to being pricked & prodded with needles. Instead, i cleaned my whole downstairs, well i dusted everywhere, did the washing up, put it away and tidyed up other bits & bobs. I would of hoovered but it really scares me, hate the loud noise, so yeah, left that to the parents haha! Also, got my letter through about upping the dosage of my anti-depressants, they must of totally agreed with me because i got my appointment on Thursday afternoon, quite glad it's come through so quickly to be honest, i'm such an emotional wreck, really need to control my emotions and not uncontrollably bursting into tears at every possible moment!



Erin said...

the blouse is cute, i love the polka dots! i'm weird about hoovering too, i won't do it when no one else is home haha x

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

beautiful top :)

aimeee said...

the blouse is cute but i know what you mean with fitting. i find loads of clothes dont have the right shape to them and sort of hang at the bottom so i end up tucking things in a lot!

i get so paranoid if i put the hoover on when theres no-one in the house so i never do it!!
i hope your okay regarding the last bit!


char said...

love the polka dots and the peter pan collar, i seem to be obsessed with them at the moment!

Lauren said...

FAB blouse! :)

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

The blouse is lovely and you hair looks really cute worn to one side :)

Love, Vanilla

K said...

Your hair looks gorgeous like that :)
I hoping upping the dosage works! xx

Anonymous said...

love the way you mixed it all togather
yo look super cute
great blog

cowbiscuits said...

aw that top is so cute! you look great xx

Luciana Carvalho Mendes said...

Love that blouse! so feminine!

Following you from Portugal*

Unknown said...

That blouse is delightful!

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