Week In Photos #6

Sunday 17 April 2011


1. Dad was putting new interior in my car today and one of my cats, Teddy decided he was going to help. Running around in my car and getting in the way, but atleast he stopped to pose for a photo haha! So cute!

2. I got jealous of the fact Teddy had a photo in my car, and i didnt! So, yes, i'm sitting in the boot looking like an idiot, but ohwell! First photo in my car, yay! :D

3. Sam took my phone and tried to get into it when i went to the bathroom. When it got to this bit, he wrote 'i love you' and left it there for me to see, how cute is that. Made me real happy!

4. Lucy, another one of my cats asleep on my lap. So adorable and loving!

5. A night in with the mates for a friends 18th & 19th birthdays, full of alcohol, games, and lots of laughs. 4 fish bowls, plenty of shots and jager bombs. YUMYUMYUM.

6. Bored waiting around for Sam to appear at mine, little webcam photo after doing my leg exercises. Tired times!

7. Hello mirror photo!Hair & Makeup isn't done yet, as you can see.

8. I found Sams Sat-Nav hilarious, i'm so easily amused! Just the fact it tells you which direction to go and speaks to you had me in fits of laughter haha!

9. Had a really bad down day yesterday, so bad that mum decided to take me shopping to get me out the  house(Without me even asking her!) Heres what i bought... i'll do a haul post tomorrow on the items :)

10. A beautiful mug of warm green tea when i woke up. SO good, makes me feel refreshed for the day, :)



Gertrude said...

Your mug is so cute! That 'I love you' message is adorable :) xo

Erin said...

looks like a lovely week! interested to see what you bought too :)

Anonymous said...

The 'i love you' message is really sweet! Green tea is so lovely! I agree it's really refreshing. Can't wait to see the haul and I hope you're feeling happier soon! x

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

aww your bf is so cute :)
LOve your car, DEATH KILL!

daisychain said...

you are so cute! I love your mug x

cuteredbow said...

Beautiful pics and nice blog !

valerierbrems said...

You have the cutest blog!

Carlinn said...

love the photo of you in the boot!! :P x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good week!

Bombchell said...

Happy bday to your friends.

we Arians rock lol

Emma said...

hahah i laughed so much at the cat and YOU in the boots. funny stuff. loving the red skirt you're wearing and your adorable mug

Unknown said...

how cute are you! I love the photo of you in your car :D


✗✗ said...

Very cute pictures!!

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