happy days

Friday 15 April 2011


jumper + tights: Topshop
skirt: H&M

The joys of finally fitting into a skirt that you bought ages ago. I was determind to fit into this beauty and at long last i do. Hence the smiley smiley photos haha! This is yesterdays outfit, smart yet casual. That's my general look really. I like plain things, there easier to wear with other items, so this jumper was a bit different for me, but i saw it and had to have it. I'm a sucker for cute things! The pastel blues really nice as well, not generally a colour i'd wear, nor's red actually, so this outfiit is very out of the ordinary for me i suppose.

I plan to have a really nice evening with Sam later, i spend a lot of time with him recently, but i genuinly think that's why i've been so much happier. He just has such a good effect on me, i get to be 'happy Courtney' when i'm with him, it just kind of happens. I'm the Courtney i actually am when i'm with him, the REAL me as oposed to this depressed nervous wreck. I'm going through a major identity crisis recently too, i'm not entirely sure of who i am. But my mum said today that seeing me with Sam earlier was beautiful because she saw that i was acting like my 'old self', mucking about, smiling, laughing, being stupid... hearing my mum say that made me so happy, it really meant a lot. At least it means i'm on the right track, happyhappyhappy :)



Anonymous said...

You look so happy, glad you're feeling your normal self :) It's lovely to know you have someone who makes you feel like that, hopefully he'll bring it out even more! I really like the design on your jumper! and the detailing of your skirt is stunning!

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

You look so lovely Courtney, I love that skirt, H&M are amazing for skirts! Awh I'm so glad you're feeling much happier, you and Sam sound perfect togevz! xx

Angela said...

Aw I love your jumper, I've got a similar one in grey :) Enjoy your friday night and your weekend :) xx

Anonymous said...

Love the jumper! I had one like it from a few years ago, but sadly it got washed and worn so much that a hole broke out in the arm pit and I had to throw it away :(

I have awarded you a versatile blogger award :) x

Analisa said...

I love how smiley you are in these photos! I love how that red skirt pops out and your jumper is so cute :)

Ellie said...

Love this skirt!!! Aww! XXX

JazmineKariss said...

Your too cute!

*chara said...

i love this jumper!
btw nice blog :)


Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

You look amazing, good to hear you are feeling happier :)
Happy, happy, happyy :)
Izzy x

Gertrude said...

The sweater looks so cute! Glad you're very happy :) I'm feeling totally the opposite right now cause I'm barely meeting my boy :( xo

Reckless Rekha. said...

Your looking great Courtney love your skirt <3

PinkBow said...

i think i have a similar sweater to this :-) very cute outfit.

Hayley said...

I love the colour of that skirt, especially when it's with that jumper. Such a lovely outfit!

Sid said...

cuet outfit! i need more skirts from h&m

Unknown said...

Loving it!

Anonymous said...

Love your jumper! ^^

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