Help, i've done it again

Tuesday 12 April 2011


shorts: H&M
tights + ring: Topshop

I have had this top for god knows how long, it's so big on me now, yet was so tight when i bought it a couple years ago. I never really knew what to wear it with as i'm not really a jeans kinda girl. The crochet detail is a creamy beige colour, just like these shorts, and i thought at long last, something i can wear this top with. What do you think? I'm not entirely sure on this outfit, it was a bit do i/don't i wear it. Navy and black are just a big no-no together, but i always wear black tights, so i was a bit hesitant, but i think because i'm quite pale, it works? Maybe that's me just being weird. I've kept accessories to a minimum, only wearing a ring. Oh, and i've actually featured my shoes for once! My trusty brogues, lovelovelove them! I'm going through my wardrobe and trying to throw loads out so expect to see a lot of my stuff from years ago being worn,

I don't really know how i feel today, my mood keeps changing, it's all over the place. I've got such bad belly cramps at the moment, so i'm going to blame my mood on them. I really want to exercise, like go for a run or just to get back to the gym would be great, but i can't because of my leg, it's so annoying. I just feel so lame at the moment, oh i don't even know, i'm just babbling on about nothingness. Song that keeps making me cry is Pink's song 'Perfect', i can relate to  it, OH so well. Meh. Fml. Just feel so infuriated with how i look and shiz. Blah. Don't know what to say, have nothing to say.



Hayley said...

You look lovely :)
I really like those shorts and the top goes so well with them. I always wear navy and black/brown and black. I think that it can look really good if done well. x

Susanne said...

the top looks good with the shorts!

hope you will feel better soon!

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon and I love this outfit, especially the shorts, I love the colour! :)

Alexa from alexa-bella x

daisychain said...

I LOVE those shoes so damn much!

Unknown said...

love the top xxx

LillianZahra said...

Love the shorts - so cute and summery. Hope you feel better soon x

Sophie said...

I am loving this look on you! i think you look great and the top is amazing.

hope you feel better soon xx

Anonymous said...

your shoes are lovely!

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Love the top, hope you feel better soon :)
izzy xx

Rachel said...

I really like how you've styled the top! The detailing really looks lovely with the shorts! :D


You look so fierce. This looks like something my sister would wear: chic and simple. So adorable! Love the shorts - they're such a perfect fit, ooh la laaaa.

Alex said...

Really love this top :) Looks perfect with those shorts too.

Cramps are the worst :( Hope you're feeling better soon!

Sick by Trend said...

wow!!! what an outfit!!!!


Jasmine P said...

This is so cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Unknown said...

You look so cute! I love this top, and I think you styled it nicely. I hope your stomach feels better!!!

Eloise said...

The shoes are so cute


Jenny said...

Perfect outfit! The blue tank is so dreamy with all of the lace detailing!! xoxo

Unknown said...

I think you look really great dear! the shorts are ADORABLE, great styling :)


Carlijn said...

beautiful shorts! and love the area of this pictures (: xoxo

bvickers said...

I know it's easier said than done but you have no need to be so self-critical - you have an enviable sense of style, a naturally stunning face and the most flawless body imaginable, even if you find it hard to see these things yourself :) Nice shorts! xx

Phuong said...

lovely top

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