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Monday 11 April 2011


top + blazer: H&M
shorts + necklace: New Look
tights + bracelet: Topshop

Smart casual little outfit. My top  is actually a jersey dress which i bought last year, i don't really like how it sits as a dress, i don't find it flattering on my body shape because i have wide hips. So, i've tucked it into these denim shorts and made it baggy. I'm really not a fan of skin-tight clothing at the moment, so baggy it is! Outfit looked really boring so i decided to wear some knee high socks over my tights to give a suspender look,(i still really need to buy some suspender tights!) + an oversized blazer. The blazer is a size 14 as it was the only one in stock when i bought it, its absolutely huge on me, but it doesn't look half bad. For me, i'm actually wearing a hella lot of jewellery. The full works, earrings,rings, necklace and bracelet, probably went OTT but ohwell. You can't see my earrings but there silver balls, my 'peace' bracelet just because its major cute. I'm wearing 3 rings because my fingers just felt all bare and i've got my little clock necklace on.

I had therapy this morning, which went quite well. I'm really not one to talk about how i feel, i like to bottle things up and not bother anyone with my problems. I don't think a lot of myself you see. Me and mother popped to the shops after to get some bits and pieces and i picked up these.
Barry M lipstick 153. Rimmel Natural Bronzer 025, and this little notepad. My lips feel boring at the moment, i've been wearing lip balm instead of adding any colour, so i thought this natural(ish) colour would be perfect, it's really nice actually, i like Barry M's lipstick range. I had to buy this bronzer today, i ran out of my Models Own blush the other day so have been settling for this bronzer in the mean time. But me, being my clumsy self dropped it today on my wooden floor and it broke into a million little pieces. DAMMIT, there wsn't much left and it was going everywhere, so i just bought a new one. So at therapy today, i was told to go away and buy a notepad. I have to write down 3 positive thoughts about myself daily and if i get complimented to my face i have to write it down. I'm like the most negative person i know, so this is in an aim to hopefully build my self confidence, self esteem and make me more positive. Fingers Crossed i suppose.



Hayley said...

I love this look! The blazer looks great :)
Hope your therapy helps you <3 x

kate louise. said...

Gorgeous outfit sugar! :)
I also adore the notepad plan. I definitely need to try this too as my self confidence is faar too low. x

LUCY said...

ooh lovely outfit! i want suspender tights! but i might look like a slag :/ want your legs! so skinny and long
and haha i'm pretty negative too :') xx

Anonymous said...

Love the dress worn as a tee! You don't have wide hips at all from what I can see of previous posts! You looked beautiful in the maxi dress btw!

Anonymous said...

Also I've noticed you're pretty hard on yourself in posts like you mentioned you are quite a negative person but you've so lovely! You need to believe in yourself, you're a beautiful, intellient lady!

TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

love the outfit.
the blazer doesn't even look like it is that size.
but it looks so nice on you!
and i love the socks over tights look, i was sporting that all winter, because just tights was wayyy to cold!

and i love all of your jewelry, you always have the best :)

Anonymous said...

One for your notebook- YOU ARE GORGEOUS and your blog is great!! Don't know if it counts over the net instead of face to face but print this off and stick it in!

Carlinn said...

love the top and the whole outfit is so cute! x

Mozzypop said...

I love that shade of grey, I wear it far too much! Blazer + top + amazing jewellery = very cute indeedy!

We Are The Crowd said...

Love the over-the-knee socks! I've been wanting to try them for so long now and they look awesome! <3

Love Ellen

Emily said...

1. Courtney is LOVELY
2. Courtney is beautiful
3. Courtney has amazing legs, which make Emily extra jealous.

Just in case you forgot when you were writing your 3 things ;)

Annebeth said...

you are so beautiful!! I love all your pretty rings :)

Camilla said...

cool blazer :)

x Camilla

Sick by Trend said...

Fantastic outfit!! :D love the location! good blog! I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



Ashlie Nicole said...

you look like a model :) xx

Jenny said...

LOVE. The blazer and sock combination reminds me of a sophisticated schoolgirl. xoxo

Miri said...

Cute outfit, love the photos - you look so sweet!

Really like your blog and just followed you - wanna follow me back?


Sophie Isobel said...

Lovely rings! Love your socks too.
I think I'm going to try the notebook idea, I've been extremely negative since starting college and it's not getting me anywhere.

Sophie in the Sticks said...

love the tights/socks and demin shorts combo. your whole outfit is fab.

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, loveeee the peace bracelet!


Charleston said...

that blazer is stunning, it fits perfectly

Heather said...

I love the striped top with the blazer. All of your rings and accessories are super cute too. xo

Emma said...

love your blazer and your rings are gorgeous

Marie said...

Nice outfit!:D I sometimes do that to my jersey dresses too.:D

Have a wonderful week!:D

***** Marie *****

Mila said...

Really great look!

Sanam said...

Great look :) I would never have geussed that blazer was a size 14, it has a great fit on you :)


Sara Luxe said...

your accessories here are so bright and pretty ! very whimsical ! love it

Chuck said...

Compliment - I think you look lovely! Good luck with the notebook. x

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Love the stripes! Good luck with the therapy, I do the 'three positive things a day' and it really helps. x hivennn

Jan said...

You look amazing!
Love the striped top combined with the gray blazer (which is great as well!)
And those shorts are so cute (:

It's so good that you're going to therapy,
I totally understand (I think) how you feel,
that feeling that you don't want to bother others with all of your crappy problems and stuff,
hope you will feel better very quickly!

Karima said...

simple & Chic!!

Anonymous said...

My therapist always used to make me write in a notepad too :) I definitely find that it helps - good luck! Lovely outfit xx

Adrianna Traxler said...

very cute look!! The socks over the tights are the perfect touch, which you pull off amazingly.

Maria Fallon said...

I really like this outfit, you pull off casual very well :) Hope you feel better soon, therapy can be really helpful I have found :)

Maria xxx

Reckless Rekha. said...

Amazing outfit. love your blazer <3

oomph. said...

i've been loving blazers with shorts. if i could wear shorts to work, i'd definitely rock this! nice way to put that dress to use! fabulous jewelry, too!

Teresa said...

Very nice classic outfit. I'm pretty partial to stripes and the blazer definitely revs up its casualness.


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