Week In Photos #4

Sunday 20 March 2011


1. I love having melon for breakfast! I find it so refreshing, and it's just so tasty, AND it's good for you. My favourite probably honeydew melon (the yellow one) but i do have a great love for Watermlon.YUM.

2. Spent the majority of Monday here trying to get the radio fitted for my car. We got it fitted, then this dude gave us a deal for a better radio, so he took out the other one and fitted this one, then the battery went flat. So it had to be jump started. A half hour job, took around 3hours.I felt so ill so it just draggged!

3. Tuesday found me in the hairdressers finally getting my roots done.I look so god damn pretty with all these foils in my hair turning my black hair blonde. Was in there for a good 4 hours. Takes forever, good job i love my hairdresser!

4. A good, yummy,much needed Green Tea from Starbucks with the boyfriend. Gotta love a good ole' green tea, i find them so refreshing and nice. Plus, i hate coffee, ew!

5. Decided to create a badge for my blog. If you'd be kind enough to post it on your blog in the side bar, and link it back to me, i'd be so very grateful, would be muchly appreciated!

6. Went to get some food for Sam for a nice night in.Our friend Lottie works at the Waitrose we went to, and told us that these flowers were going to be out of date soon, and offered them to us. Sam said he wanted them, and then gave them to me. I suppose it's the thought that counts right.. plus they smelt SO good!

7. I love my nights in with Sam, we watched 'Law Abiding Citizen' again, which happens to be his favourite film and now one of mine. The storyline really draws you in, and oh i just love it! Enjoyed my night in with Sam, i practically bawled my eyes out all day, so some TLC from the loved one was just great! <3

8. My life at the moment. Easily my favourite food currently. Chicken noodle cuppa soup. It's so easy to make and so tasty. Really hits the spot and does a great job in warming me up :D
9. I hope you did your part for Comic Relief and donated!? I certainly did, and even though i was ill, i still made sure my nails were painted red and i had my trust red nose nearby. I love the little face on the dude, so cool!

10. Was feeling so ill, so decided to bake, you know when you just really fancy something.. well i fancied cupcakes! So i made this batch. You can find the recipe here. Although, i substitued the vanilla for lemon as i had no vanilla, and i didn't measure the lemon, i just put quite a bit in for a nice lemony zest So there lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream icing. One word? Nom! (they were actually delicious!)

11. Casually just 'jammin' in bed last night.I hoped to get a good 8hours sleep+.. but no, i finally managed to fall asleep at about 7 ish.. and for some reason woke up at half 9. UGH. Majorly tired now!

(ALSO.. i have no idea what happened with Photobucket, i've switched to using Flickr now, but does anyone know how i can get the 'upgrade to pro' thing to go away and let me have my photos back!?!?)



Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Great post, I thought it was just my computer that was loading your photos, I don't know, sorry I cant help, least techie person in the world :)
izzy x

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Omnom, I really like honeydew melon, I prefer it to watermelon aha (: Oh you are looking lovely as ever Courtney! I totally need a trip to the hairdressers, my layers are horrific and I'm gonna get a sneaky dye-job done I think! Looks like you've had a lovely week despite feeling a bit under the weather! xxx

Chloe said...

you and your boyfriend look so cute :) xxx

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

haha that photo of you at the hairdressers is so cute. you have to upgrade to pro to get it to go away . I'm not sure how many photos you upload but I upload lootttsssss and it was worth the money. x hivennn

Sophie Isobel said...

The flowers are pretty, you and your bf look so cute together :)

ASD said...

just give me that stuff...
i cba to enter.
were friends your allowed,

Emily said...

Love the photo of you in the foils! You and sam are lovely together, so pleased that you're so happy. Sounds like this week has been a good week!! Got lots of love for you Courts xxx

ps. Send some of those cakes my way please!!

ching said...

you have such adorable photos.. ohhh love the red nose you got there. :D im following you. hope you can follow me back.

Vanilla said...

cute photos :) the cupcakes look SO good :) thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Love, Vanilla

Rorie said...

Highlights & flowers how fun!!

LUU H. said...

argh, i wish norway had starbucks too! Then i would sitting there for hours !

Vanilla said...

Following :)

Love, Vanilla

Camilla said...

aw you and your bf are so cute :3



Unknown said...

Hi, thank you for the comment. You blog is great.

Hope you come back again and stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

I love a fruit salad for breakfast, especially in Summer. Love the picture of you in the foils :) Hope you feel better.

Catherine said...

great pics! you are pretty girl xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely selection of images, you're right about melon! It's so refreshing, I love fruit in general in a morning though! Perks me right up. Also hope you're feeling better soon! I really fancy a cupcake after you've mentioned they've got lemon in them! I adore lemony desserts with have that bittery, sweet sort of taste! YUM!

Katie. x

daniela kate morosini said...

n'aww, you and your boyf are so sweet! looks like a good week :) xx

Ellie said...

Love all of these pics, especially the one of you and your bf XXX

helen turnbull said...

lovely photos looks liek a fun week indeed. The last pic is so pretty, your skin is perfect.

Helen, X

Jan said...

Looks like a great weak to me!

Ioana Liliana said...

Seems like a fun and YUMMY week!


daisychain said...

melonnnnnnn. yum. I could probably eat an entire watermelon.

The Style Rawr said...

Cute pics. Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! We also did our bit for Comic Relief, we're shocked there are people in this country who don't donate.

We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

T & J


Please may I? said...

Looks like quite a week!

Hope you are feeling better now. Those cakes look rather yummy!

I remember nipping in to the hairdressers for my roots to be touched up during an extended lunch hour when the shopping centres fire alarms went off, due to a car on the carpark being hit by lightening. I had to run back into my store only to be greeted my the most hunky fireman I had ever seen! You can imagine what a plonker I felt!

X x

Cátia Couto said...

aww, what pretty flowers :)
thanks for the comment!

xoxo ;*


love starbucks!

jessica said...

thanks for your comment :)
like your blog ;)

ximie said...

heya! thanks for visiting n_n
hmmm those cakes, wanna eat em all at once!
and the hair dying picture looks familiar haha :D
love xox

Unknown said...

Mmmm this post has made me feel so hungry haha. I LOVE honeydew melon and your lemon cupcakes look scrumdiddlyumptious :)
The flowers look pretty too, thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving your lovely comment :)
Rachelle xxx

Anonymous said...

love these kind of posts! :}

Unknown said...

your 3rd pic was how i spent my saturday x

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

I love melon too, but watermelon is my favourite! Sexy shot at the hairdressers, lol. God I havent had my hair done in so long, it's getting really long! Will have to do something to it soon!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

✗✗ said...

This is such a great post!! I love getting my hair done!!

JANE said...

Looking at the pic of you in foils reminds me that I need to get my roots retouched soon. Every girl needs an awesome hair dresser!

the nyanzi report said...

Such fun pictures.

Unknown said...

cute photo diary,
and cup-a-soup all the way, been living off it at uni!
Im getting my hair done soon, can't wait! bored of roots down to my ears. yours is a lovely colour
Emma xxx

char said...

Lemon cupckaes sound lovely, i have os many eggs to use up, i have been baking loads - i made some choc orange cupcakes yesterday.

Hannie said...

Haha, cool week! :D Love ´the muffins, your striped T-shirt, Starbucks tea and roses :)
xoxo from Hannie

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