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Saturday 19 March 2011


Definately the coolest bean ever right?!

My night has consisted of watching take me out (love that show!) + eating a chicken noodle cuppa soup. Not the most amazing Saturday night, but twas alright! Really getting fed up of being in my house all the time, and not going out or anything.
Oh my, did you all see the moon, absolutley amazing! I find things like that absolutely fascinating, and it just looked phenomonal! So huge, and bright and just wow!

Drove my car today, like actually on a road, like a real road, with real cars and yes.. however scary it was,I DID IT! Second time in my car today,and i went into 2nd gear, was very proud of myself, not gonna lie. + my dad told me he was proud of me today.I don't remember the last time he said that, or if he's ever said that to be honest. But seeing him so chuffed about me driving, brought me such happiness, meant so much to me to know that he was proud of me.

+ YES.. i actually took photos this week and have a 'week in photos' post lined up for you tomorrow :)




Sjaar said...

Haha i aha i see you didnt do to much today? Relaxing is the best way to spend the weekend. Enjoy your sunday.

Anonymous said...

Take me out! so cheesy but I love it!
no likey.. no lighty ;)


✗✗ said...

Oh that is so awesome. I love it when my parents say they are proud of me too because it can sometimes be rare.

Liset said...

Glad your driving went OK!!!

Unknown said...

the moon looks amazing!! :) so proud of you for drivin ;) good luck with next time! it'll be easy peasy before ya know it.


Susanne said...

too bad Photobucket removed the images :(

fashionismyh2o said...

Aww well done with the car! I remember when I just started driving mine and I'd stay in first for EVERRR ha-ha :) You're super pretty :) xx

Reckless Rekha. said...

the moon scared me off but it looks beautiful oh wow you drive? thats amazing xxx

RB said...

wow, love your hair

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