Sometimes you've just got to laugh at yourself

Friday 11 March 2011


I'm sorry i've been very moany and what not recently, if you follow me on twitter, i'll probably have been driving you stir crazy! I've just been finding it very hard to cope with everything. You'd be suprised just how much thinking time you have on your hands when you do nothing with your life day in and day out. Obviously, i'd rather have a job or something, but no my M.E consultants won't allow me at the moment. I had several arguments with people between monday and wednesday, just because i'm stressed and can't control what i say. Then on Thursday, i was unfortunately told that my leg is getting better, but my hip is deteroriating, they think the cartlidge between the hip ball and socket has gone and there rubbing, which will result in an operation, so for the mean time i'm back using one crutch. I've been told i really shouldn't walk without it, at all to try not to cause any further deterioration and my physio is writing a report to my consultant urging he sees me as soon as possible. Meh. I had a bloodtest this morning and due to my lousy veins, she pricked me 3 times, the third time being in my wrist, wow, it hurt! That will tell me if there really is something wrong with my liver or not. My dad has something wrong with his back and can barely walk and mums pretty down. So as you can see, i have had plenty on my mind and to worry about.

Another thing i just want to adress and moan about. My mum was born in Iraq.. Baghdad to be precise. So my brother and i have Iraqi blood in us, which i am majorly proud of as is Scott(my brother).But people have been majorly racist to him recently calling him a 'dirty arab' and stuff along those lines. I hate racism in any shape or form. You can't chose things like this about yourself and i don't understand what people achieve by being unecessarily mean by judging someone on their race, heritage, nationality or colour. ARGH, infuriates me so much. I hate racism, SO much.

I came to the conlusion that yes.. i am going through a mountain of stuff at the moment.. but hey.. if you can't laugh at yourself randomly to make a light of a situation, then your not going to achieve anything. My friend Woody took this photo, we were mucking around and i thought 'hey, what the heck'. Sometimes, just got to learn to laugh at myself, definately cheered me up, i enjoy how much of an idiot i look. Hope your all LOVING my look.. haha! ;)

ALSO.. i'm thinking of hosting a giveaway.. i don't have much £££ to spend on items.. so can you give me an idea of what you'd like to see in a little giveaway!? I'm thinking 2 Barry  M nail varnishes and some other bits and bobs... but yeah let me knows lovelies!

Have a good weekend, ( once again sorry for my moaning and this rant! )



Susanne said...

i think we all need a little break and moan, cry, scream because things often get over us.

stay strong and enjoy your weekend!

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Great post :)
izzy x

daisychain said...

I think you have every tight to complain beautiful.

I LOVE that photo of you...gorgeous x

Hayley said...

You look great in that photo :)
I hope you're feeling more positive soon x

Stephanie said...

Gosh, it sounds like you're going through a really hard time. I hope things get better for you soon. There's absolutely no excuse for racism, and I would feel really angry too if someone was being rude and racist to my brother or sister. You have every right to complain and voice your feelings xx

the ineffable soul said...

sorry things are a bit shitty right now :/ i don't want to add any more pressure but i was wondering if you had sent the giveaway prize yet? x

minnja said...

wow, beautiful pic :))

LOVE minnja ♥

Unknown said...

awh, you look so lovely in white :) I think it's awesome that you are part iraqi! you are so gorgeous :)


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