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Wednesday 9 March 2011


caridgan: Charity Shop
tights: Topshop

Simple little outfit today,  not much thought or effort went into it. Wanted to wear this cardigan today that i purchased from a little Charity Shop. It's cute right!? I seem to be wearing quite a few neutral colours today, think they look quite nice, i love the light pink on white, i just think the colours compliment eachother really well. Resorted to photo taking inside again, the suns decided to disappear again which majorly sucks!

Not going to lie, i have nothing productive to say whatsoever. I'm trying to blog everyday of March, but i'm keeping todays post very short. I just feel so low, it's stupid. I'll just end up rambling on about nothingness if i talk! Promise i'll be a tad happier soon!



Anonymous said...

Chin up lovely.. You look gorgeous in your photos, muted neutral colours look lovely on you :) xxx

We Are The Crowd said...

Love the colour of the skirt! <3 The cardigan is so cute - you really find some beauties in charity shops!

Love Ellen

Anonymous said...

what a fabbulllous blog!

daisychain said...

the colour of that cardigan is gorgeous x

Chris said...

Lol I understand when you have nothing to say but still get the urge to post!

Anonymous said...

I like the basic, simplistic colour scheme. I've seen a lot of nudes and earthy kind of colours around lately, they're always so fresh and light. Lovely.

Katie. x

TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

this outfit is simple,yes. but it is also very classy and chic. i love it. the cardigan pulls the whole look together!

Chloe said...

love this, i think grey and pink are lovely together xxx

Sara Luxe said...

u have the perfect body for body con - looking sweet !

Miss Woody said...

lovely colours !

Abigail Wise said...

I always love the look of gray and light pink together. It's girly, but still has that "I mean business" feel.

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