Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I was contacted yesterday evening by a member of the Marketing Team at MissGuided.co.uk. She was lovely and told me she liked my style and the contents of my blog posts. She asked if i would be interested in promoting the Online Fashion Store by posting a link to their Store in my sidebar (which i've done). I've also decided to write a little post on the Fashion Store, showing you which pieces are my favourites.

MissGuided.co.uk are an Online Fashion Store which offer the latest in Women's fashion clothing and footwear online. They have a great variety of pieces and replica's of items that have been seen on Celebritys. Their pieces are reasonably priced, so make sure you check out their online Fashion Store!

Some of my favourite pieces!

carol frankie tailored pleat dress in red 24.99
Carol Frankie Tailored Pleat Dress In Red £24.99

natalie cord turn up shorts in teal green 19.99
Natalie Cord Turn Up Shorts In Teal Green £19.99

abby bodycon textured mini skirt corla 9.99
Abby Bodycon Textured Mini Skirt Corla £9.99

rhona bow front mary jane platform shoes in black 34.99
Rhona Bow Front Mary Jane Platform Shoes In Black £34.99

amele diamante owl ring in silver multi 4.99
Amele Diamante Owl Ring In Silver Multi £4.99

adamina oversized floral print top 17.99
Adamina Oversized Floral Print Top 17.99

aria sheer pussybow blouse in nude 18.99
Aria Sheer Pussybow Blouse In Nude £18.99

What are your favourite pieces from MissGuided.co.uk!?



  1. All of those pics are beautiful! My personal faves are the red dress you picked and the blouse at the bottoom :) will have to have a look at the website certainly looks my style! Awesome post :) xx

  2. I love the skirt, the floral print top and the last blouse, so nice! :)
    Great post! xxx


  3. I have used this website before. There stuff is quite nice.

    X x

  4. Wow that first dress, those heels and that last blouse are amazing,
    I love to look around at MissGuided (:

  5. I like the floral print top and the teal shorts.

  6. i love the fashions!
    do they ship to the states at all?

  7. Extremely like the floral print one!

  8. I wish to have mary janes from here in the Philippines!

  9. That first dress and last blouse is super cute!!

  10. LOVE the skirt and the heels, so pretty :)
    Izzy x

  11. thats amazing! love the online store x

  12. Snap, I reaaally want that red dress :) x

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