A hint of summer XOXO

Thursday 24 March 2011


top + shorts: New Look
cardigan + tights: Topshop

This is such a majorly summer outfit, i like pastel colours, they have such a summer vibe to them. Was searching around for a pair of sunglasses and found my mums, they've got a tortoise shell print, and they're just great. Most needed at the moment, as although it's still pretty chilly, the sun is shining rather brighty. I bought these shorts the other day from New Look and i love them. They're a bit too big (stupid things) but so comfortable, and denim shorts go with everything. I took these photos early this morning, but now at half 1, it's got a bit colder, and cosnidering i'm watching my brother play football in an open field at half 4, i think i'm gonna be changing into something a lot more warmer.

I had family therapy yesterday, and at LONG LONG LONG last they've assigned me an Induvidual Therapist who i've got to see weekly, she seems alright, no where near as twatty as the last one. I really hope seeing someone and expressing al my bottled up feelings help. I ended up crying at family therapy yesterday, i've had therapy for over 4 years and it was the first time i've ever cried. Hopefully that was the wakeup call they needed, that i'm slowly crumbling and need someone to talk to. Hmm we'll see i suppose :) I had counselling this morning, and yes that helped too.


maphi bayolo said...

love the outfit so cute xoxo

char said...

oh i love the cardigan!

simply h² said...

Love this outfit, you look great :)

Please may I? said...

Your looking vey chic my dear! Love the shades.

This weather is fanastic, I hope it stays a while!

X x

Hannah. said...

Nice outfit, love the cardi :) xxx

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Mmm yay for the summer! I wore a similar outfit yesterday (: Today I plumped for a nice, summery dress (and tights)! I really want a cardigan like yours. I'm glad the therapy is starting to help you lovely <3

daisychain said...

SO glad your getting your individual therapy :)

LOVE your outfit, you look so beautiful xox

✗✗ said...

Great outfit!! I love the looseness of the cardigan very cute!

Unknown said...

sooo cute!! yay for sunshine! this outfit looks so cute on ya girl :)


Anonymous said...

Aw you look lovely, your sunnies are fab x

ABIGAIL NY said...

LOVE you're outfit so much.


Wow love it :)
You've got fantastic hair !

LAVEL said...

Really like this look :>

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney! its jade.. dont know whether u remember meee?? but yeah anywayz! i just thought id tell u that ive been following ur blog since like... feb? i think and i just wanted to say urs is one of the best i read! i actually love it! i love the fact that u always have hauls and wishlists! makes me happy to know that im not the only one out there pinning for beautiful clothes!
(the reason i made this comment anonymous was because i dont have an account or anythingggg lol)

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