a week in photos #1

Sunday 6 February 2011

1. Me & Sam got bored one evening so we took a little trip to Starbucks, mm Starbucks. He got himself a tea, whereas i stayed with my gorgeous green tea. If you haven't tried it, i advise you do, the one with a hint of lemon tastes yummy too!

2. Spent a nice evening in with Sam, you see just how happy he was from this picture right? Yeah, well he's a donut and refuses to pull a straight face in pictures, but it was a nice evening :)

3. I was feeling pretty down and someone sent me this in an attempt to try and make me feel somewhat happier, and it really brought a smile to my face, totally changed my mood.

4. After a very bad night sleep on the sofa as my dad is doing my room up. I really wasn't impressed that morning, think i fell off the sofa once or twice and kicked the table, worst night sleep ever!

5. Oh yes, i gave sushi a go, i've seen quite a few people write a few reviews on it, and as i like tuna, prawns and salmon i thought i'd try it. It's absolutely gorgeous which suprised me because the term 'raw fish' really puts you off haha!

6. Just thought i'd show you a picture of what dads doing to my room (he's a painter&decorator). Well, the wall used to be pink and are now a creamy white colour, the wardrobe used to be cream and are now black. But the inside bit is going to be mirrors. I'll show you more pictures when it's finished :)

7. Treated myself to using one of the lovely bath bombs i got for Christmas. It was from Marks & Spencers and had a really fruity smell to it.. and oh yeah.. IT MADE MY BATH PINK. That was enough to keep me happy, a pink bath is pretty cool!

8. My ASOS wishlist, which i'm planning on doing a post on in the next couple days. There such pretty items that i want need!

9. I was extremely bored and couldn't get to sleep and was playing with my pacman stressball, and then decided to take a picture, just because that's what all the cool people do right? haha

10. The front slide of my FIRST drama powerpoint for my presentation that my mind just won't seem to let me do! I've got to do two, and i'm about 1/6 through this one. Think we can safely say i am not going to get the grade i want.


Chris said...

Wow I could really do with some starbucks right now! =D

daniela kate morosini said...

starbucks and sushi, it doesn't get a whole lot better than that :) xx

Lauren Ellingham said...

We have the same bed sheets! Good old tesco, providing cheap Cath Kidson copies!

Cylia said...

I like these kind of random posts:) Still trying to put more posts like these in my blog, but somehow don't post the pictures on my blog, just because the pictures arent as great and I somehow think it won't fit in my blog 'theme'.. when I'll buy a camera that isn't as heavy as my current one.. I'll definitely put more random pictures:)

Emma said...

Looks like you've had a busy week. Sushi and Starbucks, yum. I'd be more inclined to have a coffee, though... Looking forward to seeing your room when it's done! x

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see another asos fan.
I'm a big fan of green tea with lemon and other fruits and adore sushi.

3ate4 said...

Wanting to go use one of my bath bombs now, too.

daisychain said...

green tea, sushi...amazing. green tea with jasmine is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos :) sushi, yummy!

GEMBEAR said...

haha that picture of you and sam made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Pink bath! Ah-mazing! Lovely blog dear x

Sophie said...

I'm with you on the green tea love! Only just started drinking it, but hooked already.
My boyfriend is like yours, always pulling funny faces for photos - sometimes ruining what would be a really nice one of the two of us!
I really love the third picture.

Sarah said...

Love your hair in that second picture!! :D

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