There not gonna get us..

Saturday 5 February 2011

top: Zara
blazer: New Look
jeans: ASOS
necklace: Tiffanys

I like looking smart and sophisticated, it makes me feel so good about myself. I suppose most people can relate with that, how dressing up nicely or making an effort for no apparent reason can put you in such a good mood. Well after my horrible sleep on the sofa last night as my dads finally doing my bedroom up (*cheers*) i woke up in an awful mood. So thought, hey i'ma have a gorgeous relaxing bath then randomly get dressed and do my make-up. Must say, it did make me feel a lot better! I think a blazer can make any outfit look upperclass and teamed with a simpleish top and black jeans, i achieved the look i was going for.

I planned to get up at 10am this morning and do my drama presentation power points, but no, a total mental block against it, i think i must of sat there for over an hour and wrote about 3 or 4 words. so i just gave up for the day because it's to going to happen. I actually have a reason for this post title today, usually there just song lyrics, but last night someone tried to mug a very good family friend of mine and i thought the song lyric 'there not gonna get us' really fitted. It really shocked me that some people can be so low, and  he actually had to go to hospital this morning, luckily the didn't manage to get any of his possessions and he didn't get very hurt, but that's not the point. I can't actually believe that some people can intentionally inflict pain or upset upon someone, it really baffles me.

Also, i actually have some photos to post do a 'week in photos' post tomorrow, my first one! Rather looking forward to it actually, i warn you now, it won't be that exciting, but hey, it's a start :)


BECKY MAY said...

Love the striped top and rings!

The Flower Girl,


Nathália Alves said...

Pretty outfit.
come and check me out.

Megan Blair said...

gorgeous I love wearing my stripy jumper x

Audrey♥ said...

such a nice outfit! goes really well with the blazer, and I love the rose ring. You have great style :)

daisychain said...

YES! Dressing nicely has got me through some of the worst days, I'm more likely to dress down when I'm feeling super relaxed and parents use it as a way to guage whether they should attempt talking to me at all ;) x

Unknown said...

you look so lovely here courtney, I love the blazer so much!


Hannah said...

Love this outfit, you look so lovely:)xxx

monika said...

your outfit is just amazing. especially with the blazer.

xoxo monika.

Unknown said...

i like those stripes

FBJ said...

cute tailored look!


cassie min said...

love this look! :D you look so cute,
love cassie,

Laura Dynamite said...

I've been taking a look on your blog and I liked it, I love all of your outfits, you dress totally as I like so I feel I must follow you.

Also, I saw you are 17, omg you look older! I thought you was like 20 or something hahaha

Take a ride by my blog, I write mostly in Spanish but sometimes I translate it to English when it's a bit easy for me. Hope u like it!


MaryBeth said...

I love the blazer & vertical stripe! Its my fave!

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