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Monday 7 February 2011

tights: Topshop
necklace: Tiffanys
bracelet: Pandora

Love this cute little outfit. I remember when i first saw these floral shorts ages ago and i just had to have them, i mean look at them, they're gorgeous. I find that they really have such a summery feel to them, but hey thought i'd be different and wear them in winter. I'm wearing a chunky cardigan with this outfit, but forgot to take snaps wearing it, but it can be seen i wore it in a post a while back which can be seen here.

My chaotic week
Monday: Doctors & seeing Abby
Tuesday: Bolsover Street Orthopaedic Hospital - Outpatient Clinic
Wednesday: Doctors
Thursday: Shopping for stuff for my room with parents
Friday: M.E clinic & Shopping in London with Joey

It's going to have totally tired me out by the end of the week, probably not the smartest idea going in shopping in London without my parents, on crutches to shop, but it's Valentines Day on Monday, and i'm so stuck as to what get Sam, and my friend Joey's also stuck, so thought as we haven't seen eachother in a while, may aswell make a day of it, should be nice :)

Also, i opted to drop out of school this morning, with all my medical problems and the amount i've missed it just wasn't practical. The stress was making my M.E worse and as i'm already so behind and still missing school, it just wasn't working. So goodbye A-levels to September, i'd like to say i'm going to miss it, but i won't. I'm planning on going back and doing Health & Social and Psychology in September as it kind of goes with the University course i want to do, which is Criminology. I'm thinking way in advance, but ohwell. I've got 6months to get my life in check, get my M.E under control, my wrist better, my walking better, etc. I'm also going to get myself a part time job working a couple days a week so that i don't become totally housebound, otherwise i'll never get back to school! Also, as parents have promised me a car and lessons, i'm going to learn to drive. So all in all, taking my 6 month break is probably the smartest thing for me to do. It's just annoying as i'm such a perfectionist, and i want to make my parents proud, blahblahblah, but it'll be fine :)

Just wanted to say how much i LOVE Jessie J, i just think she's so amazing. If you haven't heard her new song with B.o.b, you can listen to it here. Price Tag. It's very catchy i'm telling you!

Happy Monday, Have a good week xxx


Viv said...

cute outfit, those floral shorts are adorable on you

Anonymous said...

ooh those shorts are lovely!

Carlinn said...

oh wow i love the shorts!

Unknown said...

Loving the shorts! xx

daisychain said...

I think you made a good choice r.e. school, I dropped out of sixth form and went back for a third year (er then failed, but ssh) and it took so much pressure off.
Love those cutie little shorts! x

Laura Dynamite said...

nice outfit! it looks so confi :)


Thekla said...

amazing outfit:)x

check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

Unknown said...

loving the shorts xxxx

Kasia W. said...

nice shorts!!

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