Topshop petite animal spot bandeau dress

Friday 7 January 2011

So i was merely browsing my second favourtite website after blogspot, the 'New In' section of my much adored Topshop, and i came across the little beauty. It just jumped out at me, there was something about this item! This petite animal spot bandeau dress is perfect for any occassion i believe. Unlike some animal prints, this dress does not look tacky, infact it's got this rather nice unique look to it. If one was to wear a pair of gold, black or camel heels, and perhaps a blazer with this dress, they can create a really nice evening look. Add tights to that look and its perfect for a business meeting or interview as it shows sophistication. This dress can also be worn as smart-yet-casual if worn with a cropped or long black cardigain, a black pair of tights and brogues. This bandeau dress is extremely versatile and it can be worn on so many occassions, so it's definately worth it's price of £26.00, i'd call that a bargain! Think i'm going to most definately have to buy it!

Also, just wanted to apologise for not having done an outfit of the day post in the last few days, i'm really very ill and confined to my bed, but when i'm better i'll do one. Was so annoying as i was planning on going back to school yesterday but having been up all that night, and me being ill just getting worse i refrained from going in. Hope you all like the new layout by the way!


Rosie Savage said...

That dress is so so sweet, and I love looking at Topshop's New In section way too much.
Thanks for the tip about the Lee Stafford product! Definitely going to get it now,

Rosie x

Emily said...

your blog has stopped coming up on my dashboard- boo! Relying on twitter updates for new posts!xx

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

This looks lovely, such a cute, classy and understated way to wear animal print! It would look lovely with nude platform court heels and a blazer! xx

Unknown said...

that dress is gorge x

Victoria Jin said...

definitely a pretty piece. too bad bustiers don't like me :(


Adele said...

I love it!


I fell in love that dress when I saw it on the website and I wanted to buy it so badly! Lucky you to have it!
please check out my blog? <3

sundaygirl said...

I really like it and it's good price. Strapless dresses area bit tricky for me though as I'm never sure if they suit me.

daisychain said...

Gorgeous dress, get well soon sweetheart xox

Radiant Make Up said...

that dress is gorgeous :)
loving your blog by the way!! x

Sassi said...

what a cute dress!

The Short Girl said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love how Topshop sells petite clothes! Great blog!

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