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Saturday 8 January 2011

I'm in desperate need of some attractive underwear!
I truly believe that to feel beautiful, you have to feel comfortable in everything your wearing, even your under garments which can't be seen. If your wearing uncomfortale or unattractive underwear, chances are thats how you will feel. You don't want to be fiddling with your underwear all day, and you don't want the 'ugh, i feel ugly' expression to be written all over your face. So in my opinion, it's worth spending some money on a good matching set.
Personally i'm a briefs girl, i like french knickers, they're most comfortable in my opinion, so whenever u'm buying a matching set i always opt for breifs. I don't remember the last time i had my bra fitted, and that is something that i must do in the next week or so. All bra's im wearing are either too big or too small round the cup, and that's actually really bad for your breasts,so must get fitted!! My back size has always been the same and i wear a 30 back size comfotably.(I have a small back apparently?), It's just the cup size i struggle with. I've been trawling the La Senza website for abotu 20 minutes and i finally found this really nice bra and brief matching set. The bra is £16.00 and the briefs are £6.00
They do actually match, but they've clearly used two different models and the one modelling the breif happens to be a lot more tanned then the woman modelling the bra. I personally like this set, because not going to lie, it is pretty sexy, kind of naughty. Therefore, wearing this under my clothes should make me ooze confidence, well hopefully anyways, theres nothing wrong with a bit of confidence!

ALSO.. just wanted to mention this absolute idiot on twitter, Kenneth Tong, promoting 'managed anorexia', 'size zero pills' 'being fat is unnacceptable' Sorry, but i was so shocked by this. He's insulted the likes of Rihanna, Rochelle(from the saturdays), Simon Cowell and Example, to name a few. He's a ex-big brother 10 housemate, and currently i am absolutely appalled by his behaviour. He's what's wrong with todays society, aand who is he to say that all woman should be a UK size 6 or below to be beautiful. That's not right, he's sick in the head. Oh, he's just tweeted 'What you eat in private shows in public'. I'm absolutely disgusted by his tweets and how he doesn't think what he is doing is wrong or affecting anyone. Not going to lie, it did make me question my own body. He's an absolute idiot. Sorry just wanted to vent my anger about him.


Anonymous said...

ughhhh; just looked up that kenneth guy. he's a right prick.

The Editor said...

yeaahhh, i read about that guy too, i actually cannot believe hat was he thinking?! He's a douche.

Oh well...
As for underwear, I think briefs are the best too, much more confortable and hygienic than thongs (I started to hate those) and just a bit sexier than shorts.
I love Etam, but I see that the British site is quite rubbish. They've got the silkiest stuff and sexiest underwear ever. You should check out the French site if curious. :P

Anonymous said...

yeah i seen what he wrote on twitter . what a k**b!!

I was to insult him back but dont wanna mention his name and get him more attention ...hes trending all the time now :(

Ashley said...

I really like your blog! I find people from different areas so interesting.

fern // FERNLAURA said...

I saw his tweets as a youtuber was making a video about having him banned from twitter, at the end of the day he must be a lonely, pathtic idiot and so bored of his own life that he tries to make other people feel like shit, he's such a small insignificant man. You can sign a petition to have him removed from twitter i believe! xx

Henar said...

I read that too, no words...


Tory said...

Hiya love, thanks for the comment! Your blog is fab xxx

Beckerman Girls said...

Sexy lingerie!!! LOVE IT! Love the scalloped edges!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

daisychain said...

I'm trying so hard to ignore all the K Tong stuff as it just makes me so mad. I almost died from anorexia this year and have lost two close friends to it. Rawr.

LOVE the undies x

Ellie..♥ said...

Thats pathetic wat that Kenneth person put
he must be mental sayin stuff like that !

Btww i think your blogss amazingg :)

Ellie x

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