Friday 7 January 2011

Yes, i've totally revamped my blog in an attempt to make it look a lot more professional. It's been needing a prope revamp fo a while now, so i'm happy i finally got round to doing it. I've tried to give it a simple yet classy colour scheme which isn't too overwhelming for the eyes, but yet still gets your attetion.

So what's new on COURTZMELV!?
- I now have a proper header for my blog which i created, i plan to make a nicer one but at the moment my current one will suffice.
- I've changed my colour scheme and i'm now using black, grey, white and pink.
- I have switched my sidebar to the left of my blog now.
- I've updated my profile photo to a more recent picture, taken on the 1st January 2011.
- I have created 3 blog badges situated on the PR & Advertising page which you can upload to your sidebar.
- I have added 7 pages to my blog.
About Me. Will give you more of an idea as to who i am, what i like doing etc.
PR + Advertising. To promote/advertiste my blog. + Disclaimer If you want me to advertise you, contact me.
Daily Reads. Includes a list of my favorite interesting blogs which i think are worth reading
Blog Awards. Consits of any awards that i've won & many thanks go out to whomever awarded me.
2011 To Dos New years resolutions, ambtions and experiences for 2011.
FAQs. Frequently asked questions about myself o my blog which i will be happy to answer and post the.
Contact Me. How to contact me via different addresses.


daisychain said...

Nothing like a bit of positive change :) xox

Unknown said...

love the revamp x

Radiant Make Up said...

love the new look!! x

Audrey♥ said...

love the revamp! classy x

Stray From The Mode said...

love your blog! though I only just found it so not sure what it looked like before :p
I might do the same with mine- a revamp
will definately follow you!

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