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Wednesday 5 January 2011

au natural

Point of this post!? I don't entirely know. I was just thinking about how not a single person is the same. No one is 'normal' as such. What even is normal!? Personally, i don't consider myself normal, well not entirely, but who is. Every single person has their own problems and everyone is fighting their own battle. No matter how big or small there problem may be, every battle should be cared for just the same. Well, that's my opinion anyway. I thought i'd post this picture just to show you the real me, bearing my naked face. My hair is natural, freshly washed, and my face hasn't been touched with the likes of moisturisers or make-up, just a wet flannel to clean away impurities. I think i can say that when it comes to my skin, i'm kind of lucky, i don't really get spots, only when my period is due, i'll get one randomly. Since taking this picture this morning, one has decided to pop up inbetween my eyebrows, typical right! I'm not happy with the way i look, but i think everyone has their own insecurities about different parts about themselves. For example.. i don't like my natural hair colour, as you can see, i'm naturally quite pale, so my near black hair made me look ill, hence the dying of it blonde, which suprisingly adds more colour to my face (trust me if you think i look pale in the above picture, you should see how ill i look with black hair)
Hmmm, today i think i've eaten my way through the cupboards, probably enough to feed a small family, haha. My plans for going back to school didn't happen, energy wasn't there and just the thought of it made my anxiety start to boil, wasn't worth risking it. Might as well wait until i'm ready, instead of pushing myself and having to spend more time off. My minds going at 100mph at the moment.. i don't even know what i'm thinking about.. see told you i wasn't normal haha.


Jamie-Lee Burns said...

oh girl you're gorgeous! so lucky that our skin is perfect too :)

Anonymous said...

Totally, times can be really shit. The main thing is to take care of yourself, mentally and physically!

You look so stunning without make-up. I seriously look like an absolute beast in comparison haha. You ARE very lucky :)

Love Britt xxxx

Anonymous said...

You have such amazing bone structure and features. I don't think you look that different at all. Still stunning!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

I love this post, it's utterly gorgeous!
& You're right, no one is the same. and no one is perfect, and what is perfect. Everyone thinks 'the best' is different to the next person, everyone feels and sees things in different lights

Madeline said...

what an interesting post! you look marvelous <3

daisychain said...

I love this post

and you are utterly gorgeous x

Anonymous said...

nice thoughts there and you look lovely as well. it feels refreshing to see a natural picture on a blog post... but I guess most people don't have such wonderful skin!

Rosie Savage said...

Just found your blog and love it. This post is damn inspirational too! You look lovely, and I think the blonde hair really suits you.

Rosie x

Law1sfab said...

You are stunning, you look amazing ! I look dead without makeup and trust me would scary people if I ever posted my spotty skin. I love what you are saying with it, I'm sure you feel empowered for it kitten, you should your braver than me xxxx

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