Stomp stomp, i've arrived

Friday 14 January 2011

top, - Topshop. jeans, - ASOS. cardigan, - New Look. UGG boots, - UGGaustrailia

Decided to wear this long sleeved, tangerine top which was pushed right to the back of one of my drawers, when i saw it, i decided it had to be worn. It's made of quite a thin material which is annoying, but its cute. Kept slipping off my shoulders every so often which began to really irritate me though. I've tucked it in my too gorgeous high-waisted black jeans, lovelovelove them, they fit and sit exactly how they should and they're comfortable too, such a shocker for jeans! This cardigan is my mums, which i steal on a regular basis, so we kind of share it because we both love it! It's knitted and hooded, and the pattern on it is rather unique. Defiately better than the usual 'simple black' cardigan i would usually wear with an outfit like this. Decided my uggs were the best form of shoewear to wear with this, i don't actually own many pairs of shoes, must go shoe shopping asap! I've got no jewellery on, i couldn't be bothered with any today, would of looked nice with my horseshoe necklace, silver earrings and a cute ring.
I thought i had to add the 'blue tongue' picture in, i was eating a lollypop which clearly stained my tongue, and then i took my pictures, and decided, oh what the heck, might aswell show you all how gorgeous my tongue looked haha!

ALSO.. my little goody package arrived, yay!
- Models Own Nail Varnish, Feeling Blue
- Models Own Nail Varnish, Snow White
- Models Own Nail Varnish, Becca Brown
- Models Own Powder Blusher, Peach Blush
- Models Own Nail Art Pen, Black

Have been waiting round a week for this package to finally arrive, i'm really like pastel blue at the moment, white goes with everything, could paint just the tips with that nail varnish and browns just ubercute for nails, thats why i chose those nail varnish colours! I've needed a blusher for ages, i'm more of a bronzer girl normally, but hey, thought i'd give this blusher a go. And the nail art pen is something for all nail art lovers, will be able to draw cute little patterns on my nail, keep me busy or a while. YAY. I will post photos of what they all look like when put on to nails or skin!


Anonymous said...

wow you sure do love to pout don't you. It don't look good. Please don't end up as bad as Posh Spice and smile once in a while.

Shope and Shore said...

"Stomp stomp i've arrived" Jessie J? Love her so much! Lovely oufit :)

Shope, xxx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a moron. If you smiled all the time it would be 'you are so cheesy stop smiling in all your pictures!' ugh you look lovely, don't listen to them x

Sjaar said...

Hi doll! I really like your hairdo and color. Nice cardigan.. And even better is your asos package. Its so nice to get home and see it has finally arrived! Enjoy the stuff.

the ineffable soul said...

love your cardie, the colours look fab with the top :) x

Hannah said...

Your black tongue made me chuckle and I love the cardigan!

Hannah xx

Anonymous said...

hey there love the cardigan!
did anyone win the giveaway btw? you never announced it?

Unknown said...

i love your cardigan!!! and what a dumb anonymous comment don't listen to that!!

Anonymous said...

your so pretty!
you look great, love your blog xoxo

Megan Blair said...

haha love your cardi :)

and I am super super jealous of your models own package
I need that art pen x

Unknown said...

I love love love this cardigan. I really need it to get warm though, I'm wishing for summer, Im fed up with knit wear... My laptop is back working now, so I'm posting again! So sorry for the delay.. Panda xo

Beatlovingmusic said...

Love the cardigan and the jeans! ^^

ZANAH said...

Love your new nail polishes !

Mon Mode Blog

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love this cardi! Lovely blog btw :)

xx said...

love that knit! xx

Laura said...

What a nice blog do you have!
If you like we can follow eachother ;)

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