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Sunday 16 January 2011

dress, - Ebay. blazer, - H&M. tights,- Topshop. bracelet - Pandora. necklace, - Tiffanys

This was my outfit last night to a family friends 40th, was really nice to finally get out the house for a bit! I decided this was the perfect oppurtunity to dress really nicely, so heres my outfit. This dress is a dress i saw on ebay, it's meant to be tight, but it's a tiny bit loose, but it sits nicely. The sleeves are ruched which i think gives  real elegant look to the dress, i won this dress for a total of 99p! Such an amazing bargain!! It didn't need much added to it to make it stand out, so i thought to just wear it with this grey boyfriend blazer, which i bought in a size 14 as i wanted it to be really loose and 'boyfriend blazer' like. I wear tights with more or less everything, i find them a lot more flattering then bare legs, and they make your legs look slimmer which s a huge neccessity in my case, so i'm wearing my 100 denier tights. Jewellery wise, i'm wearing my horseshoe necklace, and charm bracelet that sam got me, i went for a bit of a 'monochrome' look kind of, so i kept the jewellery to a minimum, and the necklace is silver, and the bracelet looks silver from a distance with all it's beautiful charms! My nails are white, new nail varnish i got the other day, which i will post pictures of properly soon!
All in all, was a nice evening out, i refused to have much to drink as i didn't want to fall on my leg as i was wearing heels, i just stuck to a little vodka&diet coke, yumyumyum! We came home around half 10 because we all had to be up early this morning to watch my brother play football. But then Sam came round and stayed last night which was nice too, so yeah a good night :)

A few photos' from last night:

++ now i'm off to watch my brother play football in the freezing cold because i promised him, and even though my football team are playing today, i'm still going to watch him! WOAH, i'm a good sister! :)


Susanne said...

nice dress! simple but really nice:)

The Dandizette said...

I love Ebay bargains like that, I get a little bit annoying when I've found an amazing bargain and kep going on and one about it to the bordom of my friends lol. The blazer looks lovely oversized too and I totally agree on tights, everyone looks better in them!


QuiteQuaint said...

i really like the blazer, you look lovely. has anyone ever said you look like mischa barton? x

daisychain said...

What a bargain with that dress! Looks fab on you x

Anonymous said...

So giveaway winner, do we have one? Or was this just another bribe/con/devious way to get more followers.

Analisa said...

I love your dress, what a steal! And that blazer is gorgeous!

essentially aimee said...

Oh I LOVE this outfit! So simple and classy. I love all black outfits, but the blazer you paired with it is gorgeous :)


Ashlyn said...

Your cast is a great accessory ;). Looks like you had a wonderful time, and your outfit is great! I love neutrals, especially black and grey.

Triple Thread

Taylor said...

I love your blazer!

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