Sunday 16 January 2011

I probably should of posted something about this earlier, but my reason for not having announced the winner of my giveaway yet is because all my infortmation for it was on my old laptop and due to a fallout with my mum she wasn't going to let me post the giveaway goodies to the winner, but i didn't really want to have to post that on here, anyways...After speaking to her in the last few days about it all considering i was getting unneccessary anonymous hate comments shes fianlly caved and allowed me to send on the goodies to the winner. The winner will be announced tomorrow, this gives me time to recollect all my data tonight. Giveaway package will be dispatched to the winner on tuesday/wednesday.


Chris said...

I hate the fact I am never interested in these giveaways because the prizes aren't appealing to me!

daisychain said...

Sorry you've been getting horrible hate :( you really dont deserve it x

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