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Saturday 29 January 2011

top + tights: New Look
skirt: ASOS
cardigan: Bik Bok

Look what i found right at the back of my wardrobe.. this bright blue cardigan! It's pretty huge on me, but i really like the colour, probably the brightest thing i own if i'm honest. Its really striking,and added the necessary colour to the black and white outfit,which looked a bit boring. Wearing a nice selection of rings jewellery wise, didn't think a necklace of bracelet would of worked. I had literally just blow dried my hair and it looked horrible, so i used John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Agent Perfecting Creme and used some of it on my hair it into a high messy bun. Would recommend it for anyone with dry hair, it's keeping my hair in some-what good condition at the moment, i seem to be moulting, swear i'm going to end up bald, my hair is everywhere!

I genuinely don't have anything to say, my mind is so boggled, my M.E's been pretty bad last few days, and i didn't go to school at all last week hence why i've been totally absent and not blogging. Think i'm going to get back into my pyjamas, get a nice cup of green tea and play sims 3 on xbox, it's been the only thing keep me relatively sane this week!


Unknown said...

i love that massive rose ring you have on, it really stands out :)

essentially aimee said...

That bright blue cardigan oughta cheer you up, huh? I really love it! Getting back into pajamas and playing xbox sounds wonderful. I hope you're feeling better today.

Chris said...

Yh I like the blue blazer and rose ring! =D

Anonymous said...

I use the John Frieda cream to, love it.
Oh btw those aren't knee boots in my outfit post. If you read the post you'll see.

Anonymous said...

your so beautiful

Hen said...

Lovely outfit, I like the t-shirt and the way you have brightened it up with the cardigan :)
Teenage Daydreams

Chelsea Finn said...

i LOVE this outfit. You are so g orgeous dear. And that nright blue cardigan looks wonderful on you, I love oversized cardigans. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Alex said...

I play the Sims 3 on my PC so much! Glad I'm not the only one :)

Love you outfit! x

Alex said...


A Daily Mishmash said...

I'm obsessed with oversized cardigans and yours is the perfect pop of color! :)


daisychain said...

that cardigan is a beautiful colour on you xox

BECKY MAY said...

Great tee! I love it :)


Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I love your huge rose ring and cardy! Hope you're feeling a bit better tonight (: xxxx

PS. How cute is that above Anon?! Makes such a nice change aha~

Shannon said...

Love the cardigan, oversized and bright too!

Hope you are feeling better!

Melissa said...

great outfit! i love your rings! lovely blog too,im following :)

Hannah said...

Love the outfit, the tee is awesome and I love the vibrant blue colour of the cardigan =)

Hannah xx


Love the color of your card ... it´s so fresh!! :)

the ineffable soul said...

sorry you're not feeling great :( you look fab though! the cardigan is a perfect colour for summer and the big flower ring is adorable x

CHLOE and JESSICA said...

i like your postcard.. i feel like that somtimes too ha..but great color on you !!

mariska said...

i'm in love with ur rings, may i get one please?


LUCY said...

thankyou for your lovely comment my lovely :]
its times like these where i wish i was blonde so that i could look as good as you in blue!
and awwwahh i sometimes have days where i have nothing to say too :[ xx

Unknown said...

just found your blog and i love it - definitely a new follower! i especially love your outfit photoshoots like this one, and i love that top.

elle & the fashion folk

Sara Luxe said...

cant believe that tee is from New look ! i love it !

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