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Sunday 30 January 2011

top + jumper + skirt + tights: Topshop
boyfriend: mine :)

I love this skirt, it makes me feel so girly! It reminds me of the type of thing you'd see on a porcelain doll. Decided to wear this jumper tucked into it with a black top underneath, not only did it keep me warm, it also gave me the 'innocent girl' look i was going  for. The jumper, although has many holes in it as very warm, only thing i hate about it? Fluff goes everywhere! But ohwell, good ole' selotape gets the fluff off my clothes. 

Sams going to kill me when he realises i've put this picture up too. We took a couple and he was like "don't blog them or put them on facebook" but, look at him, he looks SO cute, so i totally over-ruled his decision and blogged it anyways, and yes.. he is wearing my Hollister jumper too haha! Had a really nice relaxing evening with him yesterday and today we watched The Longest Yard last night, and Harry Brown this morning. Two very good movies actually, would definitely advise you watch them, i was pleasantly surprised that i liked them, i'm not really a movie person. Although, i do really want to see Black Swan! I felt i had to be nice to him today, at like 4am this morning, he was asleep, i couldn't sleep, so i kept poking him and tickling him as i couldn't sleep, haha! It's fine, i love him really <3

Also, apologies, i planned to do a 'week in photos' post today, but as my M.E has been really bad, i had no photos besides one of some melon haha! So i'm start that again from tomorrow, also i'm going to do a FOTD post some day of the week, perhaps friday with friday follows? Anyways, hope you've had a lovely week!


Jess said...

I love your skirt :)


Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Ooh I love your skirt with the jumper tucked in, the colours look just lovely (:

christie said...

that crochety knit top is just gorgeous xx

Hannah said...

cute outfit, love the colour of your skirt and the cut out pattern of the top =)

Hannah xx


Love the colour of your skirt ... :)

the ineffable soul said...

absolutely love this jumper and the skirt is such a pretty colour :) x

daisychain said...

aw, that last picture is SO cute!

really love that skirt x

Hayley said...

I love that skirt, it's such a pretty colour!

Beti ♥ fashiontazja said...

i love your outfit! so cute!

Claire Hart said...

ohhh your jumper and skirt are divine, i am so envious!

thanks for stopping by my blog too, you're so sweet :) ohhh and following now <3

Suzin S said...

Love love the skirt and jumper!x

Unknown said...

this is adorable!!!
i'm in love with that jumper!

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