Thursday 2 December 2010

welwyn garden city ladies youth.
My football team, My girls, My wgcly

I've always loved playing football, my brother took it up when he was like 2 or 3, and me when i was about 7. I liked the thrill of being watched by people, kicking a ball, doing tricks, scoring goals. The Adrenaline rush was crazy! I used to play for a team called Potters Bar United Girls, whom i joined in 2003, and left when i dislocated my knee in 2007. Soon after that, the team folded and there was no more PBUG. I played school footall for a while, but with my persistant injuries, i stopped that at the beginning of 2009, it was pretty annoying because i loved my football! I had a few friends at school who played for this team and towards the end of 2009, against my parents wishes i went back to a friends after school with my football gear and went to a football training session for Welwyn Garden City Ladies Youth. After when my mum came to collect me, i told her that my knee was fine and that i was going back to football, she said i could go to some training sessions and see if my knee would hold out, which it did. Then she agreed to sign the signing on forms, and i became #17 Centre Mid for WGCLY.

We went on tour to Holland, Amsterdam in April, and oh my that was amazing! We went on a bicycle ride throughout Holland for about 6hours which definately worked our thigh & bum muscles, dressing up and going to the pubs, we had picnics, and just so many good memories from that Tour! The laughs we had were unforgetable. Obviously, with any group of teenage girls, if your together for a long period, there are going to be arguments, which there were, but hey they were sorted out! Luckily all of us get on SO well with our manager Karen, and two coaches, Steve & Derek, they came on tour with us and made it so funny!
Even though i joined the team after they;d been together for a few years, i've made some great friends, girls who i can really rely on! The fun we have at football, and just in general. It's such a shame that i won't be able to play when we go on Tour in April/May of 2011, but i'm definately going wherever we are going to support! I don't know when i'll be able to play again, maybe the last couple games of the season, if not i'll 100% be signing up again in September to play. I miss it so much, the atmosphere, the girls, the coaching, the manager, the wearing of my purple training shirt @ training, and the wearing of my pink shirt when we play a game. It's horrible going to support, i want to be out there playing so bad, but i can't, not yet. Soon though!

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Holly ♥ said...

What a cool hobby to have, good for you:) Good old WGC - im a hertfordshire girl so welwyn is in my neck of the woods!

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