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Thursday 2 December 2010

Sooo.. another  pretty simple outfit, i didn't really have a reason to get changed out of my PJ's, but i did out of sheer boredem, yes i was really that bored that i've resorted to an outfit post! Okay, so i decided to go for a bit of a  french style today, quite casual, yet a bit different. I never really plan my outfits with a theme, but today i thought i would. All i would need to complete this little french outfit, would be a black beret and a pair of shiny black brogues!

Top - Topshop
Tights - Topshop
Earrings - New Look

001. Right, i decided today that i should pamper myself, just a tad, it was needed. For some reason the last couple days i've been ever so stressed, a lot of things that happened in the past have been playing on my mind and getting me down, and my M.E's been playing up too. So yes, this called for a face mask, relaxing bath, moisturiser, and pretty nails. This peel off facemask actually did my face wonders, pomegranate&cranberry cleanses, purifies and protects. I think i got mine from Boots, but they do them at Superdrug too, and some fashion stores such as New Look, they also come in many different types! This one and the exfoliating one are my favs!

002. I decided to paint my nails red! I thought it was a nice colour to do them since it's finally December, which means CHRISTMAS SEASON!, and reds a pretty Christmasy colour! I ended scuffing them within about 2 or 3 minutes and having to redo them which was pretty suckish, but hey it gave me something to do!
003. WHAT DO I GET MY BROTHER FOR HIS BIRTHDAY ON THE 16TH DECEMBER!? I am so totally stuck, i've decided i'm going to make him birthday cookies, a nice little recipe of something he'll actually like and have them all prepared for him when he comes home from school so that it'll spell 'happy birthday scott', haha! But yeah, he's going to be 15, the hormones are gonna make me want to strangle him but ahwell. But i have no idea what to get him!? Clothes perhaps.. merh.. If any of you have any idea's let me know!!!!


Anonymous said...

That face mask pic is terrifying!

Nora Chan said...

really cute outfit! :)


BĂ©racha said...

Love it! The shorts are so cute!

zs closet said...

I like this top!!xx

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