Friday 3 December 2010

Tomorrow, i am most definately buying a pair of warm pyjamas! It's too cold to not have a nice warm pair and just be in a vest top & shorts, my body cannot handle this coldness, i mean i go blue at 12degrees! And i'm not really feeling turning into an icikle, so warm pj's it is! At La Senza at the moment, it's one pair of pyjama's from the 'cosy casual' collection, being a cosy print type and another pair free until Sunday! YESYESYES! So i can either get 2 pairs, different patterns for £25.00 which are definately going to keep me warm this winter, OR me and the mother could get a nice warm pair each. So i'm liking the 'Penguin Flannel Top & Pant' and the 'Sheep Flannel Top & Pant' situated at the top of this post. Cute right!? What do you think!?
I'm also really liking these two pyjama sets too! Unfortunately these two sets are in the 'Characters & Slogans' Collection, and therefore aren't in the sale, which well and truly sucks because they're ever so Christmasy and would be perfect this season! The image on the left is the 'Sketchy Reindeer Vest & Pant' set, which is £20.00, and so so cute, althought my top half would still get pretty chilly as i'd just be wearing a vest! The image on the right is the 'Reindeer Top & Pant' set, this is £24, and just perfect for the Christmas season! I'd love to be opening up my presents on Christmas morning wearing a pyjama set like this one, comfy, christmasy AND stylish!
You don't get much better than that!


Anonymous said...

tbh, i hear sleeping naked is soo comfortable ;)

Audrey♥ said...

the sheep PJs are so cute! :)

Sara Luxe said...

i have a red fleece onesie
i am so cool ;)

Mimi said...

Really cute! Too bad the reindeer one isn't in the sale. Thats my fave!

JessMidge said...

pyjamas make life worthwhile.

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