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Friday 3 December 2010

Just a quick question!.. i'm thinking of doing a giveaway... BUT, i'm not entirely sure... just wondering what you'd like to see in the giveaway if i decide to do it, because obviously i want it to appeal to YOU. I'll most likely giveaway 3 cute little items if i do this giveaway.. so let me know your ideas please!  :)
I was going for a bit of a cute look today, i couldn'tbe bothered with my usual jumper and leggings to lounge around the house in! So, i was going through my wardrobe looking at clothes i own, and came across these beautys! This red dress which i bought ages ago and had totally forgotten about, it's rather big on me, so i put a woven black belt round the waist, which also gives this old-fashioned outfit more of a modern look. The cardigain i'm wearing was my nans, it's silk and she'd given it to me ages ago, it's ever so darling, and i thought it went quite well with the dress. The tights were more for warmth, but i realised there was some black on the dress and i thought it brought the outfit altogether. I decided that this outfit didn't really need much jewellery with it because the dress is quite breathtaking and eyecatching and any interesting pieces jewellery would of just been too much, instead i settled for a pair of cream flower earrings, and my pandora charm bracelet from sam. Personally, my view on what i'm wearing is that i look a lot like a 'porcelain doll', i can imagine one wearing what i'm wearing with a cute pair of brogues on their feet. n'aww.

Cardigain - Vintage
Tights - Topshop
Bracelet - Pandora
Earrings - New Look

001. I'm pretty ill today, i've got such a bad headache, and practically no voice, so therefore i apologise for how i look in these pictures, i didn't put much effort it into my make-up or hair today.
002. I really have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas and i'm beginning to panic because it's getting closer and closer! So if any of you have any idea's what an 18, nearly 19 year old lad might like for Christmas, PLEASE let me know!
003. I've decided for my brothers birthday i'm going to make him simple cookies using this recipe i think. He's quite a fussy eater, so i'm thinking i'll just use this simple biscuit recipe because i would actually like him to like the biscuits, considering there for him!
004. I like baking, so i'm thinking Christmas treats are in order for the family, i'm just trying to think of what i can bake! I'm thinking of using the same recipe as for my brothers birthday cookies, to make Christmas Biscuits. Or i might make Christmas Mini-Muffins because they look mega cute!

Also, theres a little poll in the left hand side bar, me asking you waht you'd like to see more of on my blog, so yeaaah, vote please!


Anonymous said...

How about some money for the giveaway? ;D Just kidding I have no clue

cowbiscuits said...

make the giveaway fit in with your blog :)

love the dress x

zs closet said...

ok let's follow each other!!I'm your new follower!!xx

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