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Tuesday 28 December 2010


top , - Zara. shorts, - Urban Outfitters. belt, ring, & tights, - Topshop. Necklace, - Tiffanys

The top i'm wearing is actually real long, and looks nice with leggings, but as ALL my leggings seem to be in the wash i thought it'd go quite nicely tucked into my denim shorts. These shorts are actually a little too big for me which is annoying as it makes me look alot bigger in the area that they're worn then i actually am, but ohwell, suppose you win some and you lose some.The top is a little too low cut for my liking to, i'm not the type of a girl who likes to show her cleavage, or flaunt what she's got or any of that. I like to be sexy, but not in a 'oh my gosh, look out how much flesh i have on show' kind of sexy. More of a mysterious kind of sexy. I decided to wear this belt that actually came with a pair of shorts i bought from Topshop, but thought it went quite nicely with this outfit. I'm wearing black tights as always, i think they can add class to any outfit. Yes, as you can see i'm wearing my beautiful Tiffanys that my amazing boyfriend bought me for Christmas, i think it really works with this outfit, and gives it the va va voom it needs. I opted for a little silver leaf ring mumsy bought me for Christmas as it sits nicely. Would always chose silver or white gold jewellery for an outfit that consits of pastel colorus such as light blue, or cream, gold just would of made the look, look cheap & tacky.

Just thought i'd let you all know, i'm braving my fear of jeans and have actually ordered a high waisted black skinny pair from ASOS! I'm really hoping that they won't push on my scars from my operations, as the seams sit write where the scars are. Also hoping they won't leave me looking like a whale, has always been an exrtra reason i for me not wearing jeans, i've always felt they make my thighs look massive, and my thighs in my eyes are my problem area, i never made an effort to wear them. So fingers crossed they'll look okay, i will post a picture when they arrive! I also ordered 2 little somethings for Sam, 2 tube skirts, one in black, and one in hot pink, a black long sleeved bodycon jersey dress, some shapers underwear adn a little ring. Looking forward to my little package arriving, and all in the sale... so i don't feel too guilty for spluring so soon after Christmas!

Picture taken from
'Why don't you be the artist, and make me out of clay. Why don't you be the writer and decide the words i say'
Totally random, but thought it needed saying.. i'm totally obsessed with 2 lines from Ellie Goudlings song 'The Writer' no idea why, but i keep replaying them over & over in my head. I'm trying to analyze in my head why i feel such a strong connection with these words, no idea as of yet! I feel the picture above really fitted the lyrics too. The lyrics are beautiful, truly beautiful.


The Editor said...

oohh, i had the same horror of jeans or any trousers/pants after my operation too! my belly was swollen and sore for 3 months and i could not wear anything but dresses and skirts (and tracking pants that were very very large). but eventually everything got better after a few months and I can now wear any jeans I want. Too bad I got eally chubby as I wasn't allowed to exercise either all this time :-<
I don't know why I wrote this, I just felt the need to empathise with you. Hope everything will be better for you.

BECKY MAY said...

thanks for your sweet comment :) i got a peace necklace off ebay!



Phuong said...

nice striped top!

Unknown said...

you pull off this look ssooo well! I love that tiffany necklace, it is ssooo pretty <3


Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog and read the whole lot in a hour! Its great-added you to my weekly reads!

I'm rather similar to you in that i lack self confidence but the best thing i've found is to keep going when you feel doubt and do it with a smile on your face! Put yourself in situations you never thought possible and you'll get there in the end.

From a Hatfield girl!

Henar said...

What a cool outfit, I'm loving the tee!!

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Cute outfit, you are so pretty! Great blog. xo

Missariadne said...

So pretty!
Love your style!!!

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Ahhh I know what you mean with jeans. Although I haven't had an operation like you, I usually have problems with the sizing of the ASOS ones so I don't usually get them from there. Did yours arrive yet? I made an ASOS order just before Christmas and I've been really impressed with delivery. It was meant to arrive around January 7th but actually came yesterday. Whoop! x x

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