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Monday 27 December 2010

jumper, tights & earrings, - Topshop. ring, - River Island.

Firstly, let me apologize for how horrible i look. I've got laryngitis again, and my M.E's been playing up, so i really couldn't be bothered to make the effort for todays outfit post, just did not have the energy. I'm wearing this jumper that i got for Christmas, very snug and warm. I like how the blue print on the jumper can be misinterpreted as either a flower or a snowflake, therefore making it perfect for all seasons. I like the creamy colour of the jumper contrasted with the pastel blue, i think they suprisingly go pretty well together. Usually i would wear this outfit with a pair of black leggings, but i couldn't find mine, so instead i opted for black tights. If i'd of worn leggings, the outfit would of looked more laid back and casual, as it would of just been a long jumper and a pair of leggings, but as i opted for tights instead, i think the jumper looks quite a lot like a dress?! Still a pretty cute outfit in my opinion. I'm wearing this cute little fox rhinestone ring, which i thought totally didn't go with the outfit, and thats why i had to wear it haha. Love this little ring, was defiantely worth it's £14.

 So, Sam is finally better after his being ridiculously ill for a week with severe food poisoning! So happy for him, he was so ill bless him. As he was so ill, it meant that my plan to spend a few hours with him on Christmas day to exchange presents and chill was ruined, so today, we decided to spend the day together as he's now finally better! We exchanged presents, and i was so shocked and unbelievably happy with what he got me, totally spolit AGAIN by him.. to think it s my birthday a week before Christmas, and he spoilt me then too. Gosh, i bet i've made a serious hole in his wallet! But yeah, as i've now given him his presents i can actually tell you what i got him. I got him.. Lacoste Challenge Aftershave, a orange & grey striped Hollister polo, a blue Hollister sweater, a pair of boxers, 3 pairs of socks from Topman, and the Vans(pair of plimsole shoes) he wanted from Office. And i ordered him a little something from ASOS as a late present,as i saw it in the sale, and he'd said he liked it, so that's going to be kind of a New Years present haha. But now, let me show you properly what he got me!

 He found it absolutely outrageous that i hadn't seen Superbad! He'd sometimes come out with a few quotes from the film, and i'd be so baffled as to what he'd be talking about. So apparently him buying me this Superbad DVD as a present was a MUST-DO!
 I always feel the cold in my hands really bad, my fingers go blue quite quickly, it's rather odd. So he bought me hand warmers, probably the most practicle present EVER!
 When i came out of hospital after the operation on my leg, i was feeling so very low. So he went and bought me a Pandora bracelet, which i've posted about before. I already have 2 lovely charms, but he suprised me with two more BEAUTIFUL Pandora Charms for the bracelet! Very cute, and probably the 2 i'd of picked out, if i was to choose charms for myself. The charm on the left kind of has a leaf/flower pattern on it, and the charm on the right is kind of like a wheel with a dangly pearl. Stunning, absolutely stunning!
 This is the most thoughtful, and beautiful present! It's a horse-shoe pendant necklace from Tiffanys&Co! I was totally speechless, with a huge smile on my face when i opened this present and read the little note from him. So cute! 'To Courtney, thought you might need a little help on the luck side, Love Sam' It makes me laugh that he missed the word 'need' out on the card haha! I've had a really tough year, 2010 has been horrible and he knows how unlucky i am, so this necklace is perfect. Hoping it will bring me good luck in the coming year of 2011, he's like my good luck charm! Can't put into words how much i love this necklace. PerfectPerfectPerfect!

As you can see, i was totally spoilt by my boyfriend, aren't i just the luckiest girl!? He's too good to me, he really is. He's one in a million, and i'm so lucky to have him.

- Also, decided to add a 'Like' button to my blog posts as i know a lot of people read my blog who don't have a blog, and don't want to comment anonymously, so i thought a 'Like' button was in order! :)


Unknown said...

Oo you got spoilt, some lovely presents. I wanted to buy one of those handwarmers today, let me know how it is! Can't believe you have M.E. I have it too and I don't know anyone else that does, no-one ever gets what its like its so frustrating! xx


charlotte said...

love the jumper, have you got anything from the topshop sales??
dont be silly you dont look awful, loving the rings in the previous posts! thankyou for doing close up kinda things,

ah superbad is amazing! youll laugh so much, wow hes such an amazing boyfriend!, the necklace is amazing and definatly my favouirte about what he wrote in the letter!

PS: i like the like button, i find sometimes comment (well i dont have enough time) :)even th0ugh i love ur posts xx muchos love

Sarah said...

Your sweater is super cute, and that tiffanys horse shoe is gorgeous!!

charlotte said...

ps: what camera do you have lovely? xx
could you perhaps do like a FAQ or whatever there called, do you know what im on about?

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

N'awh I adore your jumper sweet! I have handwarmers, and they are absolute saviours in this crap weather aha (: Such a thoughtful Tiffany's gift, your boy is a definite keeper! Hope you feel better soon lovely! xxx

Unknown said...

what amazing gifts! I'm sure you weren't spoiled because you deserved all of them :) that tiffany necklace is gorgeoussssss <3


daisychain said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts xox

essentially aimee said...

I spy Tiffany's... loves it! Same with your sweater, I love how festive and cozy it looks! Looks like you really made out this Christmas :)

Jo Woods said...

Great gifts, that jumper is super cute, I love it :)

Your boyfriends right about you watching superbad, its an awesome film, so funny, my boyfriend bought it for me for christmas :)


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